In 2018... Does anyone else go here??did it fly away? one time a paper plane flew away from me and never came back...printer paper i tried scribbling on it but it was too perfect so i made a paper airplane
the thing is printer paper is too light and able to be fragmented so it flew awayjust naked the presence of nothing-but-the-body is maybe just as crucial as stuff

Where on earth would i be
without the stuff that belongs to me?

Stuff for my feet, stuff for my head,
Stuff in the attic, stuff in the shed,

Stuff that's fresh, stuff that's expired,
Stuff I needed, stuff I desired,

Stuff for nighttime, stuff for the day,
Stuff for work, stuff for play,

Stuff that's lost, stuff that's found,
Stuff with smells, stuff with sound,

Stuff that's outdated, stuff that's hot,
Stuff that's insured, stuff that's not,

Stuff that's plastic, stuff that's chique,
Stuff that's common, stuff that's unique,

Stuff that's fake, stuff that's real,
Stuff you'd buy, stuff you'd steal,

Stuff for comfort, stuff for panic,
Stuff that's toxic, stuff that's organic,

Stuff created, stuff destroyed,
Stuff neglected, stuff enjoyed,

Without my precious, precious property
Where o where would I be?