'm a perfectionist in every minor, useless, absurd detail. Especially in details, because perfection seems attainable there.

This morning I nearly achieved it. After twenty minutes of fumbling with tweazers, there it was: perfect symmetry. Still, it wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped. Why? I gave this some thought and came to two conclusions:

  1. Focusing on details interferes with the big picture.

  2. It's hard to look serious without eyebrows.

  3. Without eyebrows what That line has trickled me I guess. I don't care about symmetry with my face at all or about my appearance. But symmetry is something so common in life that you can't hide away from it. title hello texthellosymmetry and eyebrows completely plucked eyebrows that have been painted back on are the strangest type, stranger even than monobrows, which have a certain masculine savoir faire, especially on women