silly quote that might fit this page ''It's not a theory.. it's a game theory'' (i hope that matpat enjoys his life tho- ik it was a hard choice to make.)Yay Mind is not fried.Elling... greenday suckIt doesnt work if.. If something really bad happened and you suffered from trauma for the rest of your life. maybe you would be relieved when youre about to die, or maybe you will regret your whole life being traumatised all the time. unless it was a sudden deathso few words, so much truth wow this is so true to my life.the depths worsen Re the relative happiness idea. So many times I've thought, ''this is the worst I've ever been'' ... then time passes and a new experience takes me lower, worse than ever. This understanding gives unexpected comfort: when you think you're at the bottom, remember you can still go down, down, down... there is always something worse than this.

My theory of relative happiness essentially means that you don't feel good or bad. Just better or worse than before. This insight opens a new path to happiness: depress yourself and in the relief following that depression, you will experience an overwhelming sense of bliss.

'm still working on the scientific evidence.