woah this is actually really cleverI too  am here as well.job job
I do believe I'm here.Nobody here? Really?

When turn around, I usually turn to the right.

It's not important, but it got me thinking. If I've mainly rotated to the right all my life, how far away am I from my starting position?

It's really not a problem, but just suppose I'd have to turn back to where I started. How long would that that take me? An afternoon? A whole day?

It doesn't make sense, but I wonder if it would make a difference. Could the reason why we turn away from some people be the fact that we're not in sync? As we live our lives we find fewer and fewer people in the same rotation. I must have given up on all left turning kids in kindergarten.

What if there were a national - no make that an international - unwinding day? We'll all turn back to how we started. And we'll all be connected again. I'm sure that will make this world a better place!