different talents, are you jealous? you´ve touched millions of people´s heart... I mean, you´re still alone?... you have the power to make yourself heared... you just have to believe in yourself, and stop thinking if we are just trying to make you feel better and will say anything without feeling it really. You know?, actually there´s some people who, I don´t know why, feel sympathy for you, so, yes, I would like to know that you´re happy and not the hadow of your brothergottenness and suchness and further, once it is gotten it is forgotten and what is left are the remnants of humblenessdie He will die death-bored, seen it all at his 40-ies, and you.. you learn and die also..
perhaps frustrated, perhaps with lots of knowlegde gained or also bored... so the difference is in-between. Stop sobbing about it, explore!Twin? Nobody, what do you mean by twin? Do you mean that he is the Yin, and you the Yang? Do you think that your perfect twin couls make this site? Let me tell you this, looks desive so very much. He has the looks, the girl, the life, and you? Making bad choices, being hoplessly ignored... but! You have the TEALENT. And that, Nobody, he doesn't have.to person your talent isnt worthless at all. Count how many bugs exist and you`ll seeOh how true. Why do I feel like that all the time too? Every succesful dude is my twin.

'm the unfortunate half of a twin in the world of advertising.

My brother got the best razor, the irresistible aftershave, the practical fitness machine, the adventurous job, the highest rent and the woman from the Passoa commercial.

And me? I'm left behind with my worthless talent to make the wrong choices.