Relativity  In the near future you might consider this to have been a lucky event.. Food Technically, us aminals have been around so long pretty much everything is poop. But it is rude to throw out delicious leftovers when you could offer them to your roommate or everyone's favorite dog. Very poetical justice, poop in the kitchen. :) I think that the Owl of Divine Judgement would approve. 8>Nuit A pigeon on a lamp post got me crossing a street in Beverly Hills. LI laughed. the bus driver on my bus gave me Purell to clean myself. We made friends during the ride. When I got home I had a really long, relaxing hot shower. Thank you birdwell, it can be lucky... entire iains ago, lilian was shat on by a pigeon when she was dressed all smart, going for her first ever job interview; the owner of the business sympathised with her, told her it's meant to be lucky if that happens to you - and she got the job, working in a bookshop.
- seventh heaven, or as near as she could then imagine *vbg*funny, Poulette! and so true...well...  i think its better bird crap then dog poo on your head !!!!!! it happend to my causin gabby......

Today, a bird soiled my head.
guess that just says it all.