find it here yes life does have a meaning. it is found in you yourself the individual not the universe. the meaning of the universe is found in the life of man as explained in the link below. the wikipedia link posted below is also fruitfulHave you all solved the 'puzzel'? dcr fileNot want to wake up Life just wants to exist, insects are the living proff. Adaptation and not be willing to adapt that is the problem that torments some of us
perhaps bunny for buddha esp. if buddha is now a meat eating primate with a biiiig smile 
then its byebye bunnyHello? Hello? Oh Dear. 

I forgot your name. life is a lesson.. and in the mean time at least the mean time is greenwich mean time...

"This is the answering machine of some other guy. You must have dialed the wrong number. Please leave your apologies after the beep."