somewhere text when you feel fantastic written in words 
text in the basic text with arts 
text with dumb like moving kings 
hail your sacrifice order your wish 
Santa must burn your heart by his hands 
with the name of the sacrifice 
bug  but philosopher Contribute I sometimes get eaten by my own thoughts.
That piece of inspiration I yield to my muse.
My muse is then sacrificed to the guys in the Tavern.(I got used to it)
They are already starting to think about the meaning of their lives...

One day i'll watch the tables turn.Hello Again,  Wanted to check in on this site... How is everyone tonight (local time may vary) ? Just watching youtube. I went to bed a little early last night and woke up @4am. Went on a cringe binge. I love cringe compilations! Any body have any good suggestions?

I'm back! I'm back again guys! :D 
... And this website still holds a very special piece of my heart. So surreal, fantastical, yet chillingly familiar in how I think about things myself..Cats Who here likes cats?


Ik sacrifice a few bread crumbs to the rat in my kitchen, so he won't nibble at the rest of my food. The rat, once squashed in my trap, gets sacrificed to the gods of fire in my garden, so they'll protect me. The gods of fire, once revealed to be childish superstition, are sacrificed to science, so my universe becomes logical and predictable.

And science? It commands me to sacrifice the idea of a logical and predictable universe, so I'll be no more than an insignificant little crumb, nibbled at by some quantumphysical multidimensional entity.