A tiny fly is circling my trash can. I let it, since it's only doing its job. Like the small spider, making sure there aren't too many flies over there. Look! There's a little bird, eating some of those spiders. The same way the cat's hunting for birds. As long as she doesn't get caught by the puma, which is chased by a bear. Rhinos, monkeys, ostriches, hump back whales, buffalo, and many, many more tiny flies, circling their droppings. My kitchen forms a delicate ecosystem. No way 'm ever setting foot in there again!

woahh Teach me your ways, how do you get birds into the house? Did you ever find pete? Did you ever find pistol pete? Im still confused.Kitchen There are Elephants and Pumas in your kitchen??!!Eat! We could eat them all, well thats what Hes said, *points over where 'He' is standing*! Its really AMaZing, and so is He!!!.It's not literal These are thoughts formed from waking dreams

It is an ecosystem in a kitchen, if you think of it though. Bigger animals eating smaller animals eating plants... isn't that all that's really required?