i do you need some help?
are you sad?
mhm Vor Klugheit und Wissen, kommen Toleranz und Güte. Ohne Menschlichkeit und Nächstenliebe ist unser Dasein nicht lebenswert
 this place its so nice   This is an obscure place.

I like this place.This reminds me... Whenever I'm talking to myself I'll go off on tangents all the time. On minute I'm talking about the weather, then how my coffee was this morning, then wondering where all of my socks went, and soon I'm contemplating how many textbooks it would take to crush my TV if I piled them all on top of it.Just Because... Just because we use a lot of words, and have a lot of stuff doesn't mean there is something here. God, religion, any seismic disturbance of the mind doesn't prove that there is a center to being. In all probability this dream can end this moment. Or, it had already ended. There is no who, or what. Exist, all else is illusion, to keep you company.

bumped my toe. This reminded me of the time a horse stepped on my foot, which in turn reminded me of the donkey I once fell from, just like I fell from my bike only last week, when stopping for a duck followed by a line of little ducks, those yellow ones, at which my childhood bully threw stones, because he had a good aim, especially in the winter when he could threw a snowball right in my face from the other side of the street. But I guess I had a pretty good childhood.

Actually, I wouldn't have a problem with my selective memory, if only I had some control over the selection.