Why does the caged bird sing? Because it's trying to annoy you into releasing it, of course. Don't cave in to its pressure!hopeless there is no freedom
there is no security
to want one is to let go of the other
and to continue
is a cageWhen I find myself overthinking.. .. it's usually because I'm fascinated or when something inside me was triggered. It's a way of processing and I love when it eventually leads to some resolution, though it might take some time. It's part of an emotional wave. However I will interfere when I notice my little hurt and traumatized self-part seems involved. And gently get her sticky hands off the wheel. She may sit beside me and we can share the view. I love her and we bond to heal. But I will not let her drive nor set the route. Illusion The illusion of freedom is certainly that of the overthinker, true freedom is to be in the moment.
For anyone struggling with conflicting and overwhelming thoughts, Alan Watts has done some incredible talks on overthinking. There's even a dubstep remix by INZO of his speech on overthinking! Genuinely life changing.

As for the art itself, I like it. It feels rough cut and a bit of a word vomit. The yellow Canary reminds me of ''Canary in a coal mine'', as though he knows overthinking is his demise