Just when I thought I was over my fear of flying:

“Welcome in the new Boeing 848. This is the captain's son speaking. My father's not here, because this aircraft is fully automatic. He told me to tell you you're all safe, or he wouldn't send me along. The safety instructions will be shown on the video screens. Snacks and drinks are in the vending machines. My mother also sends her regards, along with the other stewardesses. I hope all of you can get along nicely. Have a good flight.”

i'm scared beetles only live during some months and i'm completing 18 years tomorrow. im existential crisingBeard Was the man at the PC on the homepage always having a beard? Or is the beard new? He looks different somehowAgain A plane, with many seats flies everyday. 

It is gone in an instant, 
over the horizon to another destination. 

Bye byeflying is still terrifying but it's okanyone want to feed the mind