Help why does everything need a purpose i don't think it doesare you alright? hello?, are you there?, are you alive? hello?Confused Any one else tell me what is main purpose of this site
maybe is not a ''she'' I´m just kidding... love is difficult to find, but the only way to find her, is to try, and not spect so much of a possible love... don´t gave everything to a person, unless you´re sure she is totally into you, that she wants you, that youpll love even if is not all you dreamed, and that both want the same things in the future... and, you know, it takes time... more than a day, sometimes, much more than years. but is out there, you have to believe meVery interesting... I have nearly given up trying to understand this site.Of course.. Have you realized how people are always searching for love? Maybe it's right in front of you, or maybe they are supposed to find you..

Where could she be?