My existence is profound.
'm just hanging around,
therefore I am.
Lady looking for her cat.
Guy wants me to buy a hat.
Therefore I am.
Drunk girl asking for the pub.
Dealer offers me a job.
Therefore I am.
Lady tells me to get a life.
Man apologizes for his wife.
Therefore I am.
Activist with a petition.
Jehova's witness on a mission.
Therefore I am.
Girl says I'm an introvert.
Guy warns me not to flirt.
Therefore I am.
The country must unite!
Therefore I am.
This parking spot takes rent.
Homeless person needs a tent.
Therefore I am.
Tour guide calls me a statue.
Tourists leave a nice review.
Therefore I am.
Guy says I look like someone.
Kid loves his blowgun.
Therefore I am.
Comedian creates a trend.
Influencer calls me her friend.
Therefore I am.
Pickpocket expected more.
Monk calls me mentor.
Therefore I am.
When you feel down
or out of place,
put your feet on the ground
and take up space!

HooHoo says: I absolutely love this one.this is a nice one :+1: nice!I think, therefore YOU are Thanks Jogchem, for this post, for the hundreds before it, and hopefully for many more! Sometimes existing is enough.oh god I love this one