140 i got about 140.900 I was at roughly 900 cars. I was so close to hitting 1000 cars. :CHaha! So pointless sites!!That one with Doors stuff is funny...Is nobodyhere in that site as a pointless one?bestaan Er van uitgaand dat die auto's ook bestaanThat's so very true. Many people come here to say curse words, be rude, sexually harrass, and other bad things. It's nice to see someone care about the site!

I, personally, named the creator Nobody, (since he likes that name so much), when I speak about him. I love his site so dearly (It has made my day many times) and want to see if I can donate something to him.i like it It happened to me once.
It works.
I feel myself important when all those ambitious cars simply respect me.
It's trivial but makes me shiny :))

Today cars stopped for me.
Apparently exist.