Staring down, shuffle through the neighborhood, looking for answers between the paving stones. I come across a gutter drain and step on it: clonk! Interesting. It's loose. Clonk, clonk, clonk! Then I hear a voice below me.
I kneel and call out: Is someone there?
Hello there! the girl voice replies..
What are you doing down there? I ask.
Me? I'm not down, you're down! she replies.
Me? Sure I'm gloomy, but you're literally down in the sewer!
She sounds distraught: What is this?
I shout: You're confused. Hang on! I'm getting help
And I run.
After a dozen steps I nearly trip over a girl. She sits bent over on the sidewalk and screams into a gutter drain: You're confused yourself and you need help! Sir are you still there?

we're all down in the dumps not for long though 
step one way
step another
but then your upside down againGutter I like this one. It makes me think of the emotional equivalent of the doorway dance when you try to move out of someone's way but just end up stepping in their way again. I do this a lot, oops!Did I miss the obvious or did they?! I reacted to this new offering on your facebook page with a laughy face emoji, Jogchem - I seem to be the only one who found it funny, and now I'm wondering if I have been misunderstanding your humor... I was perceiving self-deprecation and an appreciation for the absurdity. Are you not laughing a bit at yourself in this Down in the Dumps post? Actually, I thought the entire site was a way to poke fun at your foibles and occasional inanity, those conditions that so often come with being human..