qaaaaa qaaaaawomp womp u still play drums?Mandog To many pickles on the bacon cheese
I'm remember morning Monday actually dream half
up arguing about today, happened it, asleep,
now with whether lol, and then lmao
and you or so I I’m
I this not if didn’t sorry,
vaguely it’s that I
wasparts that need to leave I have some body parts that I wish WOULD leave, like a wart, and some fat cells.

My toenailgradually turned purpleand has just decided to leave the rest of my body. "I refuse to have anything more to do with this!"Just like that.After all this time. wonder whether my hairs are wondering:"How much longer do we have to put up with him?"Or take my left leg,which is asleep right now.Could it be dreaming of a revolution?What if every piece of me declared itselfindependent during my sleep?Do I need to stay awake,just to keep myself together?

These thoughts haunt me at 4:30 A.M.