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Here are my latest ideas. Hopefully you'll find these sketches interesting. You can support this work with a donation. Pick your favorites by clicking like. When idea number 1 is mostly fundend, I'll finish it completely. Thanks for reading and for existing on the other side of this screen!

This is me, floating free, to the top idea!

1. Plan

"The cosmos has a plan,
for everyone but me.
What about this man?
Him? Just set him free."

A simple animation (better than this one) of a starry night turning into my silhouet and back again.
20% of 8 hours
is kindly supported by 7 people.

2. Plantwalking

My plant and I regularly go out into the woods. He really needs to mingle with other plants. Otherwise he'll only stare out the window, without any ambition, pollinating himself.

Short story with a simple (better) animation of a plant on a cart pulled by me.
30% of 6 hours
is kindly supported by 6 people.

3. Scream

Scream into the void! Write your message in a huge all-caps font. Submit it and... It's gone. No one reads it. Nothing gets stored. It's just a great relief!
20% of 8 hours
is kindly supported by 5 people.

4. Soul

A package from an unknown sender gets delivered. It sais: "Soul of Nobody. Attention! Fragile." The delivery person refuses to take the package back or answer any my questions: "What's it for? Do I charge it or feed it? Is there no manual? How do I unpack it?"

This short story comes with an interactive animation. Open it and it'll reveal a different box. Could there be a soul in there deep down?
12% of 12 hours
is kindly supported by 5 people.

5. Nudist

"We're all nudists in disguise." That's it. That's the sentence. I'd like to turn it into a story. No idea where it'll take me, honestly. This one is a gamble.
13% of 4 hours
is kindly supported by 4 people.

6. Seven

"Over the course of seven years, all the cells in your body are renewed," or so they say. It's a popular myth. There's also an obscure but well-documented condition in which all cells are replaced at once in a single night every seven years. I happen to suffer from that.

Waking up, I notice I'm not alone. In bed beside me is someone. Something. A bunch of things, looking vaguely human: bits of loosely connected skin, hair, teeth and lips. A panic attack comes up and then subsides. This seems familiar. Has it been seven years alrealy? Sighing, I get up to grab a garbage bag and clean up the mess. To my horror a voice behind me whispers: 'where do you think you're going?'

This short story is preceded by a completely white screen, with an indistinct heap of skin, hair and teeth at the bottom. If you scroll down, the text appears from the rustling heap.
8% of 20 hours
is kindly supported by 4 people.

7. Swarm

A swarm of flies buzz around at random. Move your cursor/finger and they'll fly towards that, forming letters and leaving a message. Much more detailed than this one. You can change the message and share it with your friends.
3.8% of 24 hours
is kindly supported by 3 people.

8. Selfless

"This morning after waking up, a strange feeling... occured. The exact problem couldn't... be put a finger on. Deep reflection was interrupted by a doorbell.

- Good morning! You've been selected for an A/B test. You may have already noticed that your settings have changed. I'd like to ask you a few questions. This is part of the conditions of our platform, which you agreed to when you signed up for this life."

In this short story my sense of self appears to be turned off, by way of trial. Moreover, my life turns out to be a commercial service. This new insight and my selfless existance take me completely out of my routine. Maybe it's not so bad after all.
17% of 3 hours
is kindly supported by one person.

9. Calories

"How many calories am I?"
Just fill out the form.

"Why would I want to know?" Good question. That's part of the form. I'll publish the best answers.
12 hours work. Be the first to support this!
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