One of my favorite quotes ''A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?''
-WarGames (1983)

(Of course, in the context of the movie, the quote is about nuclear war, but I've found myself using it whenever I regret something.)Pretty creative ways When I first went to this page i was a bit confused but decided to yeet the person out of the box- I would like to fling them off of the screen but I didn't realize that u can move the box so you could make it bigger and smaller to make the person fall out of it. Overall pretty smart ways.  very silly i must sayHooHoo says: I check up on this website daily like it's apart of my life.nice puzzle I admit I didn't get it at first time but that was a pretty good hint and creative way to solve it!Oppositional Defiance I like this one! Really captures a feeling of not wanting to be creative due to others insisting it upon me.
The more they ask, the more I will firmly sit in this box. I can have a non standard approach to life some other day.