HooHoo says: I check up on this website daily like it's apart of my life.nice puzzle I admit I didn't get it at first time but that was a pretty good hint and creative way to solve it!Oppositional Defiance I like this one! Really captures a feeling of not wanting to be creative due to others insisting it upon me.
The more they ask, the more I will firmly sit in this box. I can have a non standard approach to life some other day.HELLO! it was. a great JOY! to stumble across this bizarre giant maze. i am especially curious about the weird stalker-creepy insinuations!

but it was my UTMOST JOY! TO SEE THIS BUG. I recognise this bug! I KNOW THIS BUG! I've seen it in the grass. I've held this beetle in my palm.

It's carapace is iridescent! like oil spill, or raven feathers!!!so silly lalalal