titled text helpnah... He's just Dutch.your name is Nobody and yet you seem to be one of the few who understands.haha thank you friends!!

It started with the sound of thunder, arriving a couple of seconds after the flash. A familiar phenomenon with a logical explanation. On television saw the mouth of a journalist move after I heard his voice. Probably a technical malfunction. Nothing more. But then the next day in the supermarket I noticed the lips of the girl behind the counter moved slightly later than I heard her voice. She must have noticed I saw through it, as she looked startled. I decided to go along. Thank you and good bye, I said, as always. But I knew better.

Exactly what I'm on to, is still unclear. What's certain is that my world is a lot less cohesive than I previously assumed. It is of the utmost importance to stay alert, collect clues and make connections. This is only the beginning. Can I go to sleep now? I'll pretend to.