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already paid for the crackers.

- Ok.

But when I left I thought: "potatoes"!

- Ok, just the potatoes.

I thought: darn, I forgot the potatoes. Now I'm outside and I need to go back, but I got these crackers and sausages and they might think I'm stealing them because I don't have the receipt. But then I though I'd just go to the same check-out counter and she'll recognize me. But that was your colleague, who's having lunch right now, the girl who usually works on fridays. I think her name was Selena or Saleema. You know who I mean?

- Sure. That's 1 euro 80.

She used to have a mold in her neck and she had a thing with the security guy, who got fired after stealing cigarettes. I don't think Selena had anything to do with it. Or Saleema or something...

- Whatever.

Really! I was just here. Murat had to check the price of the sausages, because they weren't in the system. Ask Murat... Or Marik... The tall guy, who used to have a thing with Selena.

- Samira?

Samira! That's it.

- Marik and Samira?

They had a thing. Long time ago. When the bottle machine wasn't working, I went to the back and they were... uhm... doing uhm...

- What?!

But that was long before you and Marik. Really. I only saw it a couple of times.

- A couple of times?

Way back. Four months ago. Maybe even six. Even before he had a thing with Tamara.

- Tamara? With black hair? Or brown?

Black. Bread department. When the oven broke down, they were uhm...

- The bastard!

Really, I'm not lying!

- I believe you. The bastard! I knew it.

You believe me? Good. 1 euro 80 for just the potatoes. Right, here it is. Thank you and have a nice weekend!

I'm an honest man. No trouble.