Cracked cracked?neighbors.... wow his neighbors must be wierd peoplesilence only mother nature once had silence while people made the noise everywhere the left their footstepsFUKING LOVE its everywhere, taunting me. so hard to fall out of... no, i dont agree with you.Vanity Anyone read The Picture of Dorian Gray? Chemistry Pheremones. hormones. nostalgia based on scent, not logic. Hey you women... mother's milk smells like Vanilla. Wear vanilla. The men cant resist it. They crave the Mothering experience. But scent doesnt hold a relationship together. It takes support and involvement for other than your own satisfactions. If you dont concern youself with the other person's needs ''reciprocally'', then falling out of love is the inevitable result of depending on perfume.

Like so many wednesdays, spent the evening with a glass to my ear, listening to my neighbor. Even though he's alone around this time, there's always something to hear.

This time there was nothing though. Nothing at all. How odd. Quite unusual. He had to be home, since his light was clearly visible from the street.

For a long time it remained silent. My attention was starting to fade when I suddenly heard a loud grinding. Really loud, like he was pushing a huge rock through the room. I quickly dismissed this theory and listened on, with heightened concentration.

The sound weakened and appeared to be moving upward. Then it became quiet again. For a really long time. I decided to try my luck at the top of the wall. While I gently moved my glass upward, I noticed the same grinding noise on the other side of the wall. Quickly I froze, after which it became silent again.

The silence remained for a long, long time. My legs were getting stiff and an annoying itch on my toes kept distracting me. This time, however, I stayed silent. After what seemed like a quarter of an hour I heard something again. They were the familiar noises: the cracking of his joints, the floorboards, the click of the light switch and the squeaking of the door. A little disappointed, I decided to go to bed.

Everything was back to normal.