Inner monologue..? Tbh that would be some sort of inner dialog. I feel like it's possible to not have one and that your mind can just be silence all times however I think it's really hard. Unless your asleep as you most likely won't think about anything. However someone who has some sort of inner monologue this tends to be a bit rare, but it helps me be sane thought. yo quiero saber realmente no se muy bien de que hablan pero quiero saber
Yes I have! ...but I can't remember any of it. So much information...

I don't have a full monologue. Just some keywords here and there.

This reddit thread inspired me to make this. Particularly one of the comments: ''my inner voice was completely silent, no brain-wandering thoughts whatsoever. It was very peaceful!''In Human Design the manifestor-type is said to have a non-stop creative inner monologue. Some say it's sort of like a download-channel from source. Only about 8 % of all people is estimated to have this manifestor-inner-mechanic. I'm actually one myself (2/4 with emotional authority) and my inner monologue is usually pretty entertaining. I quite like it most of the time. It was kind of weird to learn that most people don't have one.. 

Have you ever run your chart to see what your blueprint is according to HD?