HooHoo says:  I'm homophobic.erich holaFear is often rediculous Dogs will hurt you because you are not a dog. Gays will hurt you because you are not gay. Straight people will hurt you because you are not straight. Of course, we know this is ridiculous but the dog does not.i'd be your friend and i'd confide in you that i'm not gay.

"Doctor, 'm afraid I'm homophobic."

- "You're afraid of gays?"

"I might be, yes."

- "You're not sure?"

"I don't know any gays. And that's suspicious, because one out of ten people is gay. Why am I avoiding them? It might be an unconscious phobia. All through childhood I..."

- "Is this really a problem?"

"Of course it is! In times like these it would be socially unacceptable!"

- "Right. Earlier you told me you knew very few people and you didn't have strong bonds with any of them."

"That's right."

- "Then some of these people might be gay, without mentioning it to you."

"They might be, yes."

- "Naturally, it's a very intimate subject."

"It is."

- "So there's no need to blame yourself. You are politically correct. An average person. You just don't have any friends who confide in you."

And so, with my mind at ease, I went back home. The statistics must be correct. But which of the people I know could be gay? Time to make a list:

Looks like I have to make another appointment. Or maybe two. Until I feel comfortable with the doctor.