What is this?

Since 1998 NobodyHere has grown into a web of interconnected stories. Why? Because I like to express myself with programming, writing and animations. This video explains how it evolved.

How does this work?

Just wander from page to page. The word leads to the central page and leads to a random page. You can also choose your own insect. With that you can leave messages on all the pages.

When do you add new stuff?

Whenever I can. I love making new stories and animations! With your support I could spend all of my time on this! Previously this site received support for two years by the Mondriaan Fund.

Who are you anyway?

You'll find out!

Can I ask you something else?

Sure! Email me.

  California girls man
(California girls)

- Thank you, Thank you.yerdy yeerdi have a cookie  i have a cookie you can have thatme metoo.What are scarves really used for? Scarves can't just keep necks warm.
Why waste all of that fabric for a neck warmer.
Why isn't it just a little bit of thick fabric? Why is a scarf so long? 

Also do you have food? I'm hungry.2115-978-52 There is a place somewhere that you can go to ensure that you remain a ghost. Hurry there, you will not regret it. Possibly the best choice you'll ever make in your entire life...

Please hurry!