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I like your ideas. I sing your praises.Awesom!!! Sweet. I can't handle the coolness.

Hello Bugs, in about four months you'll get your own site! And now you can tell me what you'd like to have there. Anything is possible (I assume). So just tell me what you'd like


Bug Pool will be a meeting point and a platform for building sites, maintaining them and working together. Those who know some programming, can add scripts, others write texts, make the design or give comments on everything.

Pages are built up from blocks, where content is separated from design and programming. So people can work at the same time, on different aspects of their site. Existing blocks can be re-used anywhere. One click changes the complete lay-out, or makes comments look like candy. You can combine pieces from other sites to make your own design: "I'll have the colors from this, the fonts and images from that, etc.". The 'random design' function automatically combines parts of existing designs to make a new one. Another function changes the design on your birthday, or a full moon, or a change of season.

Besides building sites, bugs can lay eggs and leave them as presents. When you open an egg, a message splashes out. Bugs can arrange meetings with their agenda, they can print leaf-shaped business cards, make chat-rooms with their own backgrounds, where they can play with water drops. The programmed gossip-bug reports all the juicy details, like private messages that have been made public.

Bug Pool will be a colourful community, working together and experimenting with the web.


The main functions so far:

  • e-mail
  • agenda
  • making your own homepage, using forums.
  • uploading images.
  • making chat rooms with your own images.
  • making your own site design ("templates" or "skins")
  • re-using other designs + images.
  • working together on one site.
  • limit access to parts of your site using locks+keys
  • favourite links / books / other bugs (friends)
  • number of users on-line
  • current mood
  • laying eggs (=messages like e-cards)
  • history of each file, page, bug, etc.
  • learning html, javascript, style sheets, xml, xsl, xpath, rss
See www.BugPool.com