. I think this fly is fine! They just need to wake up. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP- Oops that was my inner demon saying that my bad. :innocence: 
(not a very serious message, i felt like making a non serious one because majority of mine aren't serious)HooHoo says: I think the fly is dead.titleiuytrewrftgypuh[jiokp; textugyftdrsewa3zxdrdf6yvbunik,op.,k98j7h6tvrcexwerftghyujimj hgfced3saqazxscdrvtb

Please don't call this a dead fly.
This is a Calliphora vicina.
That's the proper latin name.

And Ik wouldn't call it dead.
That's too harsh.

I'd say it's vitally challenged.
To summarize: this Calliphora vicina is vitally challenged.