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Stagnation: I should - I should - I should...

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To Nothing.
watstagnation.here name, 20 Okt 2013 07:42
What. The. Fuck. Why is there even an anti-spam thing? This website is fucked O.o

To Gizem.
lolostagnation.here Gizem, 16 Sep 2010 09:39
you are funny

To Moonski.
rawrstagnation.here Moonski, 17 Mei 2010 18:35
story of my life

To Nothing.
heeeeeeeeeys!stagnation.here dom, 30 Mei 2008 07:06

To Elling.
hello from me Elling, 30 Mei 2008 17:29
fuck off BRISBANE STATE HIGHSCHool...stupid brats

To Hallie.
Well, well.... Hallie, 31 Mei 2008 06:57
The tampon, still in good form :-). Great to see you!

To Elling.
hello there Elling, 09 Jun 2008 23:27

To Nothing.
Paranoiastagnation.here Android, 02 Apr 2008 06:13
Everyone seems to just know how to live and I am left blind. I stare and stare and stare and all I see is the flicker of tantalising secrets in the eyes of the others.

To Rip.
Ah, my insecure but friendly android Rip, 03 Apr 2008 02:52
NONE of us really knows how to live. We just stumble in some direction, putting one foot in front of the other, and hoping we are doing the right thing. That ''look'' in our eyes. . .well, it means some of us are putting on an act for our own self-reassurance, and others are too dumb to know they have no compass. So, just grin and enjoy the trip. You only get one ticket and it is strictly one-way.

To Nothing.
Thank you Rip. Android, 03 Apr 2008 05:50
That seems to support my theory.
Everyone engages in an act of self-delusion in order to preserve their sanity. They must believe that the images of happiness and success that others project is true otherwise they cannot have a sense of hope that they themselves may one day be happy too.

It would certainly explain why people get that wild trapped look when you answer the question ''How are you?'' truthfully.

Still, I can live with it. (As much as a paranoid robot can live with anything.)

To Nothing.
stop supporting theory nothing to fear but myself, 03 Apr 2008 20:40
support life your life from the inside out

To Nothing.
yesssss Faith, 05 Aug 2014 11:37
ohhhh yess
Go out or not
But do what you want
Don't ask too much
just do a handstand if your world seems upside down

To Nothing.
im drowning name, 19 Okt 2013 18:04
in my bed

To Abolatinge.
doctor who rocksstagnation.here Abolatinge, 07 Jan 2008 18:28
don't you think that doctor who rocks! it is everything and it is my entire life!


To Ohilovechocolate.
:) Ohilovechocolate, 09 Jan 2008 18:04
yay doctor who!!

To Xxvampirexx.
Sh...stagnation.here Xxvampirexx, 03 Okt 2007 02:38
Is this guy facing mental problems?

To Nothing.
Shestagnation.here plainbug, 21 Mrt 2007 15:12
follows orders always, yet submits to no-one.

To Nothing.
what to do?stagnation.here V0DK4, 05 Feb 2007 23:30
I totally know what that feels like.
I don't know what I want but I havn't found it.

To Spluch.
you know sometheing...stagnation.here Spluch, 26 Jan 2007 12:04
my dog just barfed

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