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To Nothing.
fuckerheart.here name, 20 Okt 2013 22:46
i hate myself

To Nothing.
I wonderheart.here baby, 25 Okt 2011 22:17
do i love her, or will she break my heart.

little love

To Tina.
Probably Tina, 27 Okt 2011 05:12
yes, and yes. Those who don't love don't get their hearts broken. And those whose hearts were never broken haven't 'lived'.

To Yitz.
Thank you Yitz, 28 Okt 2011 21:26
for this. Agreed, very wise words

To Nothing.
hiheart.here lilo, 27 Aug 2011 02:46
lilo arwa gana

To Stickraven.
it's almost like being heart.here Stickraven, 29 Jan 2009 05:25
a masochist.


To Nothing.
love meheart.here cmin , 18 Dec 2008 09:17
dooset daram azizam

To Nothing.
title ereheart.here raceel, 06 Dec 2008 02:01
wow your cool

To Pinnedbutterfly.
umm....heart.here Pinnedbutterfly, 14 Mei 2008 02:20
thats video was pretty abstractive and cool but the song was weird... i LOVED IT~!

To Nothing.
umm.... lamrsamy, 27 Aug 2011 02:50

To Chocoholic.
heart acheheart.here Chocoholic, 13 Sep 2007 14:41
have i spelt that write???
oh welll try agen

To Englishbob.
You didn't spell write Englishbob, 18 Mei 2008 16:57
wright actually. And what is 'welll'? Heartache is all one word. Apart from that you did realy well! (welll?)

To Nothing.
lilo lilo, 27 Aug 2011 02:45

To Nothing.
heart ache lilo, 27 Aug 2011 02:47

To Alynn.
I mean here>>>heart.here Alynn, 13 Sep 2007 11:11
Ok. My calculations were indeed INCORRECT.
But this time, I'm just so sure I've done it correctly!

To Nothing.
see?! le ninny, 13 Sep 2007 12:44
ya gotit

To Nothing.
$$ name, 02 Apr 2009 12:17

i break
my heart
as a

To Nefeli.
SADDDDDDDDDheart.here Nefeli, 12 Sep 2007 19:13
Broken hearts...so sad...

To Alynn.
How... Alynn, 12 Sep 2007 22:53
are you sad broken hearted folks adding that little link to your posts?

To Nothing.
if you are on that page of Jogchem's akhbar the tentmaker, 13 Sep 2007 05:00
you will see on the top right hand side of the page a bunch of bugs. if you hover your mouse over them, the word ''comments'' pops up. if you click on ''comments'' it will take you to a dozen or so pgs which are solely dedicated to ''hearts''... applies to all of J.'s other animations for that matter. Go to the bott. of the pg. & you'll see a text box in which you can leave a comment.. do so, then ''add''...will be posted on the most recent page, such as this one, that is part of ''bugs''. so, now, go on, click on the heart image above..etc.

To Nothing.
when! not if whendy ifferson, 13 Sep 2007 08:16

To Nothing.
rife for the association, 13 Sep 2007 08:24
...no, but(t)s about it!

To Alynn.
Right There>>> Alynn, 13 Sep 2007 11:09
Thanks so much for the help. If my calculations are correct, and if I followed your simple instructions correctly...there should be a little hearty icony thingy right there. :)

To Alynn.
:) Alynn, 13 Sep 2007 11:12
See above. I'm not the smartest bug in the sink.

To Judynguyen.
i am a bug Judynguyen, 21 Mei 2014 21:11
unfortunately even in bug world i have a heart.. or should i say hearts.. oh well if one breaks i always have the other one

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