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Handy new talent.

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To Nothing.
ushand.here todd, 01 Mrt 2014 21:31
what is life

To Nothing.
It's like a waterfall name , 01 Mrt 2014 21:36
With your Mother and Father at the top.

To Nothing.
Test, just a testhand.here XRumerTest, 27 Feb 2014 10:36
Hello. And Bye.

To Nothing.
Who can help me to find the best DJ mixing software?hand.here UsenoHefs, 24 Nov 2012 16:43

I’m new on playing with music on my computer. A friend of mine only uses Serato, but I don't want to buy all the hardware of it.

I’m seeking quick & easy and efficient dj mixing software.

In addition, I want the software supports OSX or Mac OS.

What is the best DJ mixing software out there now?


To Nothing.
Heyyyyy Georgia hand.here blahhhh, 01 Sep 2012 02:26
Hi 5????

To Isusi.
wowhand.here Isusi, 03 Jul 2012 20:51
ahaha going crazy!

To Nothing.
Say what?hand.here old soul, 20 Sep 2009 05:14
Is this cute nonsense website brought to us by generation bohemian psycho?

To Nothing.
c'est what? , 20 Sep 2009 13:30

To Nothing.
o_Ohand.here Cara, 08 Jul 2008 19:37
This page is disturbing. My fingers are double jointed, but I can't do THAT.

To Nothing.
Ew...hand.here Marina, 02 Mrt 2008 17:29
That looks disturbing. I want to huddle in a corner, rocking back and forth, while singing ''I will show you the world.'' well, maybe not that extreme but...

To Fredbeav.
So so!hand.here Fredbeav, 02 Mei 2007 22:50
Its nice to Wave hello someone you dont know! Tho they might fine that you have gone crazy, or maybe they just think you might have twitch hand! Phewf!...


To Nothing.
tuyu name, 06 Jun 2007 08:45

To Nothing.
I think that too... Marina, 29 Okt 2007 20:40
although there are some people who will wave back.

To Nothing.
i don't get it..hand.here Kay F., 18 Mrt 2007 15:05
i seriously don't get what this website is about

To Nothing.
it's about an apple in stereo, 18 Mrt 2007 15:35
a million bright ambassadors of morning

To Elling.
3 words...for fucks sake Elling, 18 Mrt 2007 22:58
this website is about whatever is on this website,you really think there should be a solid point to everything?!?...i would like to bash your head into a brick wall...or stone, i aint fussy

To Nothing.
like elling said..... eli, the barrow boy, 18 Mrt 2007 23:33
it's about a million bright ambassadors of mourning

To Lyra.
3 words? Lyra, 20 Mrt 2007 13:26
Seriously damned good

To Nothing.
hi bhhh, 16 Mrt 2010 18:39
fhgnmvj jkhkjhkhj jkjkjk hjknjk hklnhj lk hkl

To Nothing.
its about name, 18 Mrt 2007 23:47
one filthy mouthed idiot pooping through her mouth every time she opens it.

To Nothing.
it's about.... george martin, 19 Mrt 2007 00:12
4,000 holes in blackburn, lancashire

To Nothing.
it's about a hole in the river very crowded house, 19 Mrt 2007 00:15
There's a hole in the river where my auntie lies
From the land of the living to the air and sky
Left her car by the river left her shoes beside
Through the thorns and the bushes I hope she was ...
Dreaming of glory
Miles above the mountains and plains
Free at last

To Nothing.
it's about..... lava and tephra, 19 Mrt 2007 00:29
the royal flames of pompeii blessing all our senses

To Nothing.
i even dont want to know wot lelanot nick kershaw !, 19 Mrt 2007 18:25
this website is about ! but for a minute i thought i knew the answer to ur riddle ...aka the famous popquiz...no points pour moi, i never listen carefully to lyrics anyway..............................................www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmJA8hpgwlQ

To Elling.
Thats a terribly offensive thing to say about Jogchem, who you are obviously talking about. You wouldnt want to satisfy someone who(in your opinion) is an attention seeking idiot, by saying that the whole fucking website is about that certain person....

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