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Change: The solution to all my problems.

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To Isusi.
oh yeschange.here Isusi, 14 Jul 2012 02:28
that's real

To Strangelife.
Solution to my problems change.here Strangelife, 10 Aug 2010 02:19
Is also change. A drastic change.

To Nothing.
Hmm.change.here Ceri, 06 Nov 2009 21:40
I like your site. It makes me feel how I've always felt.

To Omena.
not much of an accomplishment, is it? Omena, 07 Nov 2009 16:23
to make someone feel like they've always felt

To Elling.
haha no Elling, 12 Nov 2009 18:41

To Nothing.
title herechange.here rae, 23 Sep 2009 20:38
i really enjoyed your site

To Nothing.
:Schange.here name, 11 Mrt 2008 06:18
i dont understand anything here. this website is confusing im going to tell my mummy!

To Nothing.
You better had, sweetie name, 12 Mrt 2008 01:13
This site is not for little kids. be careful.

To Artofme.
hmmchange.here Artofme, 21 Nov 2007 21:56
but wishing won't change anything, in the end.

To Djuro.
If you gochange.here Djuro, 19 Sep 2007 22:21
Don't change your domain

To Nothing.
How can you say you know yourself ?change.here katharine, 09 Mrt 2007 07:55
When we are influenced by every thing, every person, everyday. maybe we are all just little pieces of each other. Purhaps we should understand & love each other a little more... after all arnt we all the same?

To Elling.
nope, we aint the same Elling, 10 Mrt 2007 00:37
and we know ourselves coz we know all the experiences weve had which have made us who we are, unless one has amnesia

To Nothing.
What a great sitechange.here name, 24 Mei 2006 20:45
I really enjoy it !

To Edwardo.
new link sitechange.here Edwardo, 16 Mrt 2006 17:10
Take a look at this new link site, nodobyhere is featured on it..


6 5 4 3 2 1

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