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naam: Watermoon
latijns:rhogogaster viridis - groene bladwesp
features: http://www.buzzinfly.com

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To Watermoon.
Wake up?bed.here Watermoon, 11 Jul 2005 23:06
Why worry about waking up? The idea that there is a new day is all a hoax. It's all the same day.

To Nothing.
baby sami khan, 18 Jul 2005 14:09

To Nothing.
Wake up? name Luchìn, 08 Sep 2006 21:17

To Watermoon.
Talk talk talk, it's only talk Watermoon, 11 Jul 2005 22:21
Who is inside there???

What kind of talk...? Elephant Talk??

''Babble, burble, banter, bicker bicker bicker
Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo...
Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy
Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat,
Conversation, contradiction, criticism
It's only talk...'' - Adrian Belew

To Watermoon.
Itchy Eyeeye.here Watermoon, 09 Jun 2005 00:14
Why not you?? Perhaps it's not ''your'' eye after all...

To Coheed.
that dude Coheed, 09 Jun 2005 03:31
needs to pluck his eyebrows. getting kind of barbaric.

To Watermoon.
Broken Heartheart.here Watermoon, 09 Jun 2005 00:06
Sometimes you have to break your heart (or have it broken for you) in order to open it up and find out what is inside of it.

To Nothing.
ÓáÇã ÑæÒÈå, 29 Jan 2006 05:38
ÏæÓÊ ÏÇÑã یå ÏäیÇ

To Watermoon.
Lampslamp.here Watermoon, 09 Jun 2005 00:02
Well no wonder ''bugs'' are attracted to lights. (Well, accept for the one who hide from it.)

To Watermoon.
All Betterbear.here Watermoon, 08 Jun 2005 23:54
Yes, I feel much better now, completely comforted now that Teddy took all my pain and suffering from me. And what does Teddy care... Teddy is Indestructable!

To Watermoon.
Feelsuperman.here Watermoon, 07 Mei 2005 21:38
How does it ''feel'' to defeat superman; to knock him out of the sky in mid-flight? Rather tragic. Hard to believe I would do something so horrible. But then I went on to do it again and again, to see if it still felt the same. And it did.

To Watermoon.
De-Stagnatestagnation.here Watermoon, 07 Mei 2005 21:31
You could always try doing both, or neither.

To Watermoon.
How Long Do Bugs Live...notches.here Watermoon, 05 Mei 2005 23:22
A notch for each time you've died in your own bed.

To Nothing.
a notch for each gurl i bedded Cloe The Clit Snatcher, 07 Mei 2005 00:23
always enjoyin lyfe

To Watermoon.
Escape/Embraceescape.here Watermoon, 05 Mei 2005 23:18
If you can't escape, just embrace.

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