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naam: Stoneskyguy
latijns:crambus lathoniellus m
features: I am here.
this is happening.

in a little while.
ill be here. the moment's not already passed.

no it's not gone.

i am here.

this is happening.
i am here.

I AM here.

To Stoneskyguy.
i want to die Stoneskyguy, 01 Jul 2022 09:55
so bad. nothing matters anymore, not even recognizing myself.
why am i here?

To Stoneskyguy.
Oh Stoneskyguy, 31 Aug 2021 03:40
do I think I can never fall in love again
not as much as I do when I fall for music
as it eases my trauma, my childhood memories,
eases the pain that has slowly burned through my sensitive, pale skin.
Oh do I agree! Music is a wonderful thing humans have made, making it the most beautiful art form ever.

To Stoneskyguy.
it will all end Stoneskyguy, 08 Jul 2021 00:11
it won't matter now
or tomorrow

To Stoneskyguy.
In the end Stoneskyguy, 21 Apr 2021 00:31
we are nowhere
sleepless and still and tight
maybe we shouldn't fall asleep
saving what was left behind
standing outside....the chalk outline
beside ourselves in time
the only thing I want ..is the last thing I need
awake and sleepless as stars shine

To Stoneskyguy.
Liesel wandered Stoneskyguy, 15 Apr 2021 02:27
toward the mountain of ash
It sat like a magnet, like a freak
irresistible to the eyes
Similar to the road of yellow stars

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