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naam: Snarfleez
latijns:nepa cinerea - askleurige water schorpioen
features: ~ Skips through the midget flowers.
~ Floats between parable and perception.
~ Worships Hormel Spam.

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To Snarfleez.
[ Pluck! ] flower.here Snarfleez, 18 Mei 2004 09:40
Of course, you can optionally ''pluck'' the flower's center. That way, you'll be certain that she'll exist. Just keep believing that until it's true!

To Snarfleez.
[ snip! ]toes.here Snarfleez, 18 Mei 2004 09:26
Please remember to flex your clippings, that they might make it to their toenail place of eternal rest. Don't delay, either. After a few hours, your clippings are unflexible and will only wander the Earth in ghost-like form, depleting our ozone layer.

To Nothing.
Joppa name, 17 Aug 2004 10:24
ppeerr vrg grr

To Snarfleez.
[ Stream ]selective.here Snarfleez, 18 Mei 2004 09:20
Ducks. Always brake for them. They don't care what a car is, and they don't have brakes. If you don't stop, they'll gladly play the martyr. They're as crafty as they are fearless.

To Odious.
or... Odious, 03 Jan 2007 04:03
perhaps they're just stupid? (said as politely as possible)

To Snarfleez.
[ Fish and clocks ]fish.here Snarfleez, 18 Mei 2004 09:18
Yes, well, fish are good. Myself, I got a clock. This only worsened my situation. You see, clocks laugh at you. The lonlier you get, the harder they laugh. So just buy the fish. You'll be happy you did.

To Snarfleez.
[ Message #1 ] messages.here Snarfleez, 16 Mrt 2003 14:40
Hi, justme? Just calling to say hi. Anyone home? Pick up if you're there... Hello? No? Okay, just call back when you get this.

To Snarfleez.
newroutine.here Snarfleez, 16 Mrt 2003 11:16

To Snarfleez.
[ Of bats and flies] routine.here Snarfleez, 16 Mrt 2003 11:15

If death didn't hurt, how would you know it happened? This is what happens when you let the sun stop warming you. The night has my soul, but the sun gives life. Let the misty air cloak you, but not consume you. Balance is key.

To Nothing.
death Jo-Anne, 04 Aug 2004 08:44
Death, if you do it right, is just one big orgasam so I am looking forward to it. But as life is just forplay I gotta get this one right first because I can't remember all the other times.

To Snarfleez.
[ Pliable pleasures ]gum.here Snarfleez, 16 Mrt 2003 10:52
I thought I was the only one. I once rescued gum for a month or so, collecting whatever I could find. Then, I stuck them all together and flushed them as one entity. In retrospect, I think they were happier that way. Perhaps heaven is a little like that?

To Mobius.
reads... Mobius, 16 Mrt 2003 21:02
A master of philosophy,lurrrvley.That was not intelligent.

To Nothing.
COME name, 17 Jun 2003 11:20

To Snarfleez.
[ Almost? ]puzzle.here Snarfleez, 15 Apr 2002 20:28

Maybe if I keep trying. I think I'll get it right this time. I can be cool! I can fit in!
Hey... where's everyone going!
I've almost got it.
Can I come too?

To Nothing.
no. austin, 04 Mei 2002 12:20
fuck off.

To Snarfleez.
[ Butterfly screams ]mime.here Snarfleez, 10 Apr 2002 17:41

And I actually was!
Mimes have a lot to say. It's just a matter of knowing how to listen.

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