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naam: Roomi
latijns:hylecoetus dermestoides

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To Roomi.
Remembering Roomi, 30 Mei 2008 18:17
I noticed that i never forgot the password of this place (and i didn't have the password in saved passwords list)..and thats obvious my memories for this place are more than just password :)
Hello to everybug and mites. Have nice time!

To Hallie.
Hello Hallie, 31 Mei 2008 06:55
Roomi-Boomi. So happy to see you. Good memories here too :-))

To Nothing.
hullo Roomi nessel, 02 Jun 2008 09:03
long time no see! Have a great time!

To Roomi.
Hello Roomi, 30 Mei 2007 14:23
my oldie goldie buddies :)

To Poulette.
=)) Poulette, 30 Mei 2007 15:19
Roomi !! ♥ How have you been?

To Roomi.
My Roomi, 04 Jun 2007 13:08
Dear Poli wishing u love and love and love and love...did i missed something? :)

To Isabella.
Rooooooomi! Isabella, 31 Mei 2007 10:03
How are you, stranger? Fancy meeting you here :-)

To Bugoggy.
isabella! yeeeey Bugoggy, 01 Jun 2007 18:26
hoe ya doing!

To Isabella.
Heyyyy Oggy Boggy Isabella, 02 Jun 2007 04:22
I'm fine, how are you? And have a happy, happy Burfday!

To Bugoggy.
isabelllla Bugoggy, 02 Jun 2007 08:29
thanx dear! ahhahhahahahha

To Roomi.
Dear Roomi, 04 Jun 2007 13:09
Gorgeous Lady. I still remember you how i can be stranger? Do you Remember the Time? ;)

To Wahoo.
Roomi Wahoo, 31 Mei 2007 17:24
Hi my friend, glad to see you back.

To Roomi.
Wahoo Roomi, 04 Jun 2007 13:07
Good to see you, hope you and Amy are well ;)..cheers!!!!!!!!!!

To Joeybbell.
Roomi! Joeybbell, 01 Jun 2007 06:23
............ hello! .............

To Roomi.
HEy Roomi, 04 Jun 2007 13:12
Bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

To Rabi.
Roomi Boombi Rabi, 01 Jun 2007 06:56
HELLO! even i don't know you...

To Roomi.
hey Roomi, 04 Jun 2007 13:13
you sounds like Tina, she used to say me Roomi Bathroomi :P, my dear friend though, thanks a lot shiny bug

To Rabi.
Hello Roomi Loopy Rabi, 05 Jun 2007 16:42
i knew who is Tina (the big fly)! right? but i'm Rabi the rabbit. hi again. hope to meet you in the sink. you seems to be a famous bug...^_^

To Bugoggy.
rooooomie!!!!!!!!!!! Bugoggy, 01 Jun 2007 18:26
how are u?!!?! i havent seem u in such a long time! do u stil remeber me?

To Nothing.
Yes name, 04 Jun 2007 13:04
I do remember you little Oggy, have fun!!!!

To Nothing.
Charlie!! name, 01 Jun 2007 21:30
Long time no see!

To Roomi.
Amaizingmessages.here Roomi, 05 Jun 2006 08:11
It just broken down and evoprated the messages i guess. I think it is highly secure private phone :P who can use it withour breaking ..of course only owners?

To Nothing.
Roomi is back, name, 05 Jun 2006 17:34
Rosi is happy!

To Roomi.
Yvonne Roomi, 04 Mei 2006 14:02
Where are you? join the sink please

To Nothing.
je someil yvone, 04 Mei 2006 23:03
le cercle noir dans tous le monde

To Roomi.
Hello Roomi, 14 Mrt 2006 11:48

To Wahoo.
Roomi.... Wahoo, 14 Mrt 2006 17:27
Hi my friend, good to see you back! Catch you in the sink!

To Nothing.
do i count?!? Beutel, 14 Mrt 2006 19:17
Hello Roomi!!

To Amie.
Hi Roomi! Amie, 14 Mrt 2006 22:59
It's been a long time, how are you doing?

To Roomi.
:) Roomi, 24 Mrt 2006 07:33
i am well..glad to see you friends

To Nothing.
hi roomi, 06 Feb 2007 02:49
hello every one

To Roomi.
Happy New Year to Roomi, 31 Dec 2005 20:08
All Bugs..wish you good health, joys and love

To Rosibutterfly.
: ) Rosibutterfly, 01 Jan 2006 01:15
you too Roomi .. !!!!!

To Joeybbell.
happy New Year... Joeybbell, 01 Jan 2006 08:32
& to us all Peace.....

To Joeybbell.
Happy New Year....... Joeybbell, 01 Jan 2006 08:34
and Peace to us all........

To Roomi.
Happy Roomi, 24 Dec 2005 18:56


To Roomi.
Go Roomi, 16 Dec 2005 11:04
Live, locate and calculate! marvelous service by Microsoft


To Nothing.
The word ''marvelous'' name, 16 Dec 2005 11:16
and ''microsoft'' doesn't go together very well!

To Rosibutterfly.
yaaaaay Roomi .. Rosibutterfly, 16 Dec 2005 11:47
microsoft and marvellous .. whats not to like?

To Nothing.
, 16 Dec 2005 18:03
google earth is better I find

To Roomi.
thats Roomi, 19 Dec 2005 09:21
desktop Application, and better then this one though but this is only requires a browser ..Big difference

To Roomi.
Did Roomi, 13 Dec 2005 08:51
anyone seen Yvonne and Rosi?

To Nothing.
Why? woohoo, mud fight!, 13 Dec 2005 10:20
what were they doing?

To Rosibutterfly.
amma .. Rosibutterfly, 13 Dec 2005 11:37
right here Roomi !!! .. where have you been? I am being mightily entertained by this song - it's not really a Xmas song at all, but it sure makes me laugh.


To Garibaldi.
Here you go, Rosi Garibaldi, 13 Dec 2005 12:15
This is the original version by Greenday:

To Rosibutterfly.
synchronicity .. Rosibutterfly, 14 Dec 2005 11:56
it's very odd stuff .. in the ''would you believe'' department - Greenday are playing the Telstra Dome here in Melbourne this Saturday night!! Tickets for the 'Idiot Zone' (whatever that is) are $91.05 each. And, I had never heard of them before!

To Roomi.
Hey Roomi, 15 Dec 2005 08:00
Rosi great to see you, i did't find you in the sink and you were not writing splats since 11 december. See you soon

To Rosibutterfly.
hahaha .. Rosibutterfly, 15 Dec 2005 13:47
ratty Roomi !!!!!

To Bbell.
hello, Roomi.... Bbell, 13 Dec 2005 19:05
some day shall see you in synch........ no routine now allows internet regularly....

To Roomi.
Heyyy BBell Roomi, 15 Dec 2005 08:13
i try to visit the sink and like to see everyone there but we are not synchronized on joining the sink its very hard of course its because of time difference. hope to see you in sink soon...

To Roomi.
Yvonne Roomi, 24 Nov 2005 12:18
miss you:)

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