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naam: Pigster
latijns:chorthippus biguttulus

To Pigster.
Lonely, dare I say it?apologies.here Pigster, 16 Mrt 2004 23:24
It's always been said that a writer's job is a lonely one. Just wish there were some nice people to chat to this old one-legged grasshopper. Hey Rosi and Dawn? Dear hearts, yesterday you made me so happy that I forgot I was lonely. :)

To Dawn.
Oh Piggie Dawn, 16 Mrt 2004 23:28
I was thinking about you today. It was so nice to chat with you yesterday and I am glad that Rosi and I managed to brighten your day. No doubt we will meet again soon. :)

To Mork.
Hey pigster... Mork, 17 Mrt 2004 19:22
Writing is hard, lonely work. Better a ''one-legged'' grasshopper than a ''zero-legged'' grasshopper....the glass is half full, my friend.

To Pigster.
Indecisiveness Pigster, 15 Mrt 2004 08:49
I used to be indesisive but now am not so sure.

To Dawn.
Don't worry .... Dawn, 15 Mrt 2004 13:13
about it. :) Nice to meet you Peggie.

To Mork.
If... Mork, 16 Mrt 2004 14:57
...you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice, and if you decide not to decide then you have still made a decision. Words to ponder, but don't ponder too long, it will make your head hurt.

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