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naam: Nobody
latijns:Jogchemus Niemandus Verdrieticus
features: You know...

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To Nobody
Happy new year! Nobody, 02 Jan 2023 06:04
This year I'll update those old flash animations and the bug-chat. That last one will take some time...

Here's a video about the ups and downs of this site. Thanks for being here!


To Sjeu
!! YaY !! Sjeu, 02 Jan 2023 22:14
Looking forward to that and hope you will encounter the best people, products and possibilities to make it happen the way you envision it. Thnx for sharing your talents here online and also for having us there :-)


To Doubt
2023 Doubt, 04 Jan 2023 01:09
thank you :)

To Nobody
Hi everybody Nobody, 06 Aug 2022 09:55
The bug forum is working again!

You're all inside a droplet in the digital ocean. Let me know what that's like for you and if you come across any weirdness.

Also, it's time to update your password. You'll get the instructions when you try to login. Nothing's gone wrong or anything, but it was time to improve security.

To Nobodyhear
wot if Nobodyhear, 13 Aug 2022 09:24
the email address we used to birth a bug about 20 years ago no longer exists?

To Nobody
just send me an email Nobody, 29 Aug 2022 18:06
Let me know which bug and which email it was.
Follow the link and use the contact form at the bottom.


To Rosibutterfly
Howdy Jogchem, Rosibutterfly, 16 Okt 2022 04:38
just a wave from the land down under so you know we're still here and check in every now and again.. hugs

To Nobody
Hi there Rosi Nobody, 17 Okt 2022 11:26
Nice of you to fly by!

To Nobody.
no more anonymous messages for now Nobody, 09 Mrt 2015 14:55
Dear bugs, thank you for inhabiting NobodyHere! Many of you were annoyed by the frequent spam. One solution is to block anonymous comments. I know it's a drastic one, also muting those who (for whatever reason) chose not to become an insect, but contributed to the discussion. Is this better? Is it a shame? Let me know what you think.

To Nobody.
oops Nobody, 09 Mrt 2015 15:00
Mail to nobody ''at'' nobodyhere.com if you don't want to login, but would like to tell me what you think.

To Grunge.
Better late Grunge, 09 Mrt 2015 15:07
than never. What about someone creating multiple bugs using different e-mail addresses ? If you can have 100 identities, then you also become anonymous !

To Nobody.
That's right. Nobody, 09 Mrt 2015 15:20
I've nothing against anonymity and it's fine if NobodyHere serves such fragmented personalities. Interesting.

The challenge is to block the spam bots. They don't log in, so hopefully we're rid of them and this forum becomes more coherent.

To Grunge.
As the saying goes .......... Grunge, 09 Mrt 2015 15:53
the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. I step back and wait for the onslaught from ''free speech'' advocates.

To Ponica.
Oh... I see Ponica, 13 Mrt 2015 10:04
There is no more spam

To Salo.
Yeah!! Salo, 09 Mrt 2015 20:09
One is still more or less anon. even w/ a bug.

Thanks for the clean up!

To Ponica.
Hi Salo! Ponica, 13 Mrt 2015 09:57
And Jogchem! And all friends! Hello and much respect for all you do for the world. I can *tell* that you actually *care*. Whether that's here, or somewhere else, who cares. Will there be bugs 2.0? or 3.0? or bugpool, who cares? Live your life and don't look back.I am truly impressed with the recent stuff though Jogchem. Very thought provoking. We shouldn't have to worry about things like spam though, that sucks. But what sucksless?, that is the question.

To Berre.
big big smile on my face Berre, 14 Mrt 2015 02:49
Ponica for president!!
Hello Salo ~~ the osssshean has been amazing this summer!

To Salo.
Aloha! Salo, 14 Mrt 2015 22:29
Hope it doesn't get too wild with Pam heading your way.

To Salo.
Aloha ~ Salo, 14 Mrt 2015 22:31

I guess I'll have to go take a look around the site and see what's new!

To Sticklegrubber.
Me thinks you Sticklegrubber, 10 Mrt 2015 03:48
made the right move at last. Censorship is not good but what options did you really have? Personally banning mites, in my opinion is not censorship, it's just cleaning up your site and perhaps breathing new life into it. Lets hope, thanks a bunch...

To Johnl.
Good moves Johnl, 25 Mei 2015 16:42
I read sometimes without registering many years ago. Spam was a drag. It's better now. Tnx.

To Nobody.
Deleted messages Nobody, 23 Mrt 2007 15:57
Apparently some real messages were seen as spam and removed. Sorry about that. I put them back. Not sure if I restored them all. Please mail me if there's any more trouble.

To Sonia.
,' ) Sonia, 23 Mrt 2007 16:55
Thank you, Jogchem!!!! A lot!!! That was a big trouble.

To Nothing.
... One of the ''...'' lovemites ;-), 23 Mrt 2007 19:12
Jogchem, thank you sooo much for caring and answering so fast! Great job, as usual.

To Elling.
wooow Elling, 23 Mrt 2007 20:46
why dont you go in the sink once in a while??? itll be funny seein a lil guy in the sink amongst loadsa insects

To Nothing.
... The 2nd ''...'' lovespammer, 24 Mrt 2007 00:12
Thanks a lot, J.!
-bow for the upperbug-

To Bombterre.
!! Bombterre, 24 Mrt 2007 06:30
I will do my best in judgement!! Thank you for doing so much for the english splats!!

To Bugoggy.
wow!!!!!! Bugoggy, 24 Mrt 2007 15:27
thy craetor

To Rabi.
so touched... Rabi, 24 Mrt 2007 15:43
to see Jogchem's icon on the message splats.

To Nefeli.
Wow... Nefeli, 29 Jul 2007 22:46
Wow,you are the one...THE CREATOR.!.!.! :O

To Nothing.
Question for Jogchem. Lipton, 28 Feb 2008 18:51
Sir is it possible to block known spammers / troublemakers by their computer's IP address?

To Nobody.
test Nobody, 31 Jul 2006 20:52
working? phew... Sorry if you saw an error when adding a message. I was working on the spam filter.

To Humanoid.
en ik maar denken Humanoid, 31 Jul 2006 21:13
dat dit een van oorsprong Nederlandse zijde was. Maar ja, zogenaamd internationaal Engels is natuurlijk much more commercial


To Nothing.
hum berre wiz pseudo-international accent, 31 Jul 2006 21:26
wat kun jij toch ongelofelijk zeuren. J was bezig met de filter aan de engelse kant omdat hier pagina's en pagina's p_oker en andere spelen werden gespamd. Logisch dan dus om het ook aan de engelse kant te melden.

To Nothing.
poker poker, 31 Jul 2006 21:39
kan toch gewoon?

To Nothing.
haperdehaphap de berre... en een lange teen, 31 Jul 2006 21:44
could be jumping to conclusions here... een misverstand zit in een klein hoekje

To Nothing.
oh leg eens uit dan berre (teen opgestoken), 31 Jul 2006 22:31
ik geef graag mijn ongelijk toe

To Stretch.
If he can post in english Stretch, 02 Aug 2006 03:08
Why can't you?

To Nobody.
spam Nobody, 11 Jul 2006 15:58
All that spam... I've blocked the p.... word. My apologies to anyone who seriously wanted to discuss this game.

To Nothing.
Thanks a lot, bug formerly known as SHUT UP!, 11 Jul 2006 16:07

To Poulette.
=) Poulette, 11 Jul 2006 16:19
Thanks! That was a lot of spam (10 pages or so)...

To Omena.
could I have her spam Omena, 11 Jul 2006 16:32
instead of the baked beans, then?


To Msblaat.
But.. Msblaat, 11 Jul 2006 16:40
I DONT LIKE SPAAAM! Except the good kind.


To Dawn.
Thanks Dawn, 11 Jul 2006 16:57
I love it when it's tidy in here :)

To Sourgirl.
= ) Sourgirl, 11 Jul 2006 17:36
Thanks a lot! i´m glad I don´t have to go back all those pages to check how my dear good bugs are...and they are todos locos!...I´m happy they haven´t change...

To Vertigo.
Thank you Vertigo, 11 Jul 2006 20:50
Thank you, god. *bows down*

To Accalia.
Wonderful!!! Accalia, 11 Jul 2006 20:51
I was getting so tired of all that. Now can you do something about Britney?

To Berre.
thank you! Berre, 11 Jul 2006 23:54
I was running out of money fast...

To Redsboy.
I THANK you! Redsboy, 12 Jul 2006 03:12
It's a shame how some abuse a privilege. Please, also consider the Britney Spears spam. Thank you.

To Nobody.
Thanks Roomi Nobody, 02 Mei 2006 10:55
Roomi kindly helped me to correct a problem in the login script, which could allow anyone to log-in as any bug. Because Roomi tested this trick and logged in as other bugs, he got blamed for all the nasty hacking. But he contacted me to fix the problem and swears he only tried it to test my security. So if you ask me: Roomi is a good guy. Thanks Roomi!

To Roomi.
Thanks Roomi, 03 Mei 2006 06:07
a lot Jogchem..:)

To Bulletje.
........... Bulletje, 04 Mei 2006 12:24

To Wahoo.
:)) Wahoo, 03 Mei 2006 16:07
We all think Roomi is a good guy! Good work Roomi!

To Rosibutterfly.
Wahoo ... Rosibutterfly, 04 Mei 2006 14:19
please don't include me in your 'We'.

To Bulletje.
same Bulletje, 04 Mei 2006 16:58

To Wahoo.
:)) Wahoo, 04 Mei 2006 17:52
I humbly apoligize, you are right but when i say ''we'' i am only speaking for me and amie, and i have this terrible habit of sticking by friends, right or wrong! But, i did say ''all'', which i have no right to do. Again, i am sorry, and will accept 10 lashes with a wet noodle!

To Amie.
hi roomi Amie, 06 Mei 2006 08:56

To Nothing.
You don't think he's name, 04 Mei 2006 18:30
a good guy? Probably because you mean he's a terrific one!

To Nothing.
I don't know him name, 04 Mei 2006 22:02
so I can't say

To Nobody.
it's working again. Nobody, 01 Mei 2006 14:08
and the spam is removed...

To Dawn.
Thank you.... Dawn, 01 Mei 2006 14:33

To Rosibutterfly.
: ) Rosibutterfly, 01 Mei 2006 15:06
thanks Joggie .. I'm gonna buy you a bigger broom and dustpan!!

To Redsboy.
A BIG ''Thank You!'' Redsboy, 03 Mei 2006 18:45
We really appreciate it.

To Nothing.
yes part of this we, 04 Mei 2006 09:08
''WE'' all do! thanks for speaking on my behalf for I cannot find the words myself

To Wahoo.
... Wahoo, 07 Mei 2006 22:56
I am not missing the irony of the word ''WE'' being bandied around! Nor the reason!

To Redsboy.
Sorry Wahoo. . . Redsboy, 09 Mei 2006 21:15
I don't know what you mean. Please try again. I'm sorta dense.

To Wahoo.
:) Wahoo, 10 Mei 2006 05:15
Sorry Redsboy, my comment was not directed at you!! Nor was it meant as a negative remark!

To Nobody.
Once again: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Nobody, 22 Dec 2005 18:32
DaHenk & Mami, congratulations with Sanne, the very first bug baby!!!


To Dawn.
Ahem... Joggie Dawn, 22 Dec 2005 18:52
its Dahenk and Mami. Quick!!! change it and remove this before the others notice :)

To Dawn.
Brilliant !!!! Dawn, 22 Dec 2005 19:14
I am very proud and honoured to be amongst the bugs running and flying over Sanne, the first precious bug baby :)

To Kreeft.
Geweldig!!! Kreeft, 22 Dec 2005 21:42
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met dit schattige insektenkindje Henk en Mami :-)

To Bobappeal.
Great... Bobappeal, 22 Dec 2005 21:43
what a pretty baby and a nice greetingcard hahaha!

To Sjeudebleu.
mami je hebt er iets moois van gemaakt! Sjeudebleu, 22 Dec 2005 21:48
en henkie, goed geschud jochie ;-) van harte met dit schattige meisje, leer haar maar snel typen, wordt ik een digitale suikertante van dr :-)

To Rosibutterfly.
that's just brilliant Joggie .. Rosibutterfly, 22 Dec 2005 22:23
that sweet lil grub, placidly lying there amongst all those frenetic bugs .. little does she know what she's in for !!!

To Sourgirl.
AWWW!! Sourgirl, 22 Dec 2005 22:45

To Mla.
very nice!!! :-) Mla, 22 Dec 2005 23:06
and proud to be a part of it :-)

To Redthops.
Yeah!! Redthops, 23 Dec 2005 00:10
Great one Jogchem !! I'm on it too!! (sorry Sanne if I hurt you by falling on you... :S)

To Dancer.
Nice Jogchem Dancer, 23 Dec 2005 04:24
A very sweet creation and a very cute baby!

To Joeybbell.
a new nobody? Joeybbell, 23 Dec 2005 05:00
Welcome..... & good creation, Jogchem as well........

To Roomi.
Congratulations Roomi, 23 Dec 2005 13:50
DaHenk & Mami what a Cute baby. Nice card Jogchem

To Nobody.
spam trouble Nobody, 12 Nov 2005 12:38
I've removed those spam messages again. They weren't placed by a person, but by a program. Unfortunately, it regularly places new links which aren't on my spam list yet. Please don't respond to those messages, so I can remove them completely. If you like to help, please mail me the domains in the spam links. Example: spimp.net, a29a.com, go23.net. I'll add them to the spam list immediately, which saves me some work, weeding through all those pages.

To Paranoid.
Hooray Paranoid, 12 Nov 2005 12:50
that's all !

To Warfly.
how zo hooray ? Warfly, 12 Nov 2005 16:40
moi iz disappointed it woz just a program , blah !


To Nothing.
typo - should have been HOORAY Pffft no more tons interestding stuff, 12 Nov 2005 18:34

To Nothing.
HOORAY repairs online Blah song Hoeveel schapen tel jij ?, 12 Nov 2005 18:45
Blah - Blaha - Blahahahahah - Blahat - Blaat -BlaaT

To Nothing.
Blaaaaaaaaaaa, 12 Nov 2005 18:55
wil je met me slapen?

To Nothing.
Coochi, coochi, yaya, dada misschien, 12 Nov 2005 19:11
Coochi, coochi yaya, yay - mooka-chooka, latta, yaya voulez-vous blaaT avec moi ce soir?

To Bobappeal.
Damned... Bobappeal, 12 Nov 2005 15:58
I always conversate like a gentleman ... and now U tell me some of the mites are programs???

To Sourgirl.
= ) Sourgirl, 12 Nov 2005 17:27

To Nothing.
name, 12 Nov 2005 18:02
Acida, como estás? Te veo sonriente.

To Sourgirl.
Si, Sourgirl, 13 Nov 2005 19:44
lo estoy , estoy bien. Tú en que andas?

To Roomi.
Sure Roomi, 14 Nov 2005 08:27
We are with you

To Nothing.
yah maaaan! *lifts fist in solidarity*, 18 Nov 2005 21:25
all the way

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