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naam: Muddy
latijns:triplax russica
characteristics: tiny feet

cute legs


love to draw!!!

To Muddy.
in the last ten years Muddy, 27 Mei 2018 01:57
i've grown so much that my heart is too big for my tiny body! it was so bad for a while but ive got other bugs helping me along my funny journey. good luck my multi-legged friends!

To Camptogramma.
:) Camptogramma, 11 Jun 2018 01:55
keep going bug! we are cheering for you!

To Muddy.
...bug! Muddy, 27 Mei 2018 01:48
my favorite bug is the velvet worm i like its tiny feet and legs !

To Muddy.
luv Muddy, 27 Mei 2018 01:41
luv you ! !!

To Angeltears.
love Angeltears, 27 Mei 2018 01:43
love you too mudd

To Muddy.
!!! Muddy, 27 Mei 2018 01:43
:) :) :)

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