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naam: Mastic
latijns:chrysolina staphylea - bruinrode goudhaan

To Mastic.
heY Mastic, 26 Mei 2018 23:12
wassup my fellow friends. speaking of friends, i have none. :)

To Mastic.
What happend Mastic, 20 Feb 2018 18:47
to everyone? I was going back through the old pages of this website and I was reading strangers having friendly conversations with each other, befriending everyone. I was overcome with sorrow because I remembered how nice everyone was back then. What went wrong?

To Angeltears.
Hey man :) Angeltears, 27 Mei 2018 01:36
yeah i agree i miss the old days too everyone seemed more positive and happy and it's all seeming to go more and more down hill but hey maybe we can chat and become positive bug pals.

To Nate.
It was almost dead because: Nate, 21 Jun 2018 12:54
1. This bug chat is not advertised.
2. This was discovered by people who probably serached for mysterious websites but left probably left after visiting here.
3. People don't know how to reply

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