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naam: Katarina
latijns:panaxia dominula - spaanse vlag
characteristics: 29.10.2002 - 28.04.2015

To Katarina.
? Katarina, 24 Mrt 2019 21:48
born yet again

To Katarina.
. Katarina, 06 Mrt 2019 09:52
i am beautiful

To Grasshead.
Yes, Grasshead, 07 Mrt 2019 02:17
you are...

To Pewdiepie.
Sweet sweet child... Pewdiepie, 10 Mrt 2019 23:48
Beauty is becoming one with the earth and food to the worm

To Katarina.
if anyone touched me it would burn Katarina, 02 Mrt 2019 17:05
i am so tired of this shell of a body

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