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naam: Gldenraysoflight
latijns:rhyssa persuasoria

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To Gldenraysoflight.
sweet sleepy web page Gldenraysoflight, 22 Okt 2010 07:40
O the hours I have wiled here, and how away they went.

I am glad this place is still.

To Gldenraysoflight.
.eye.here Gldenraysoflight, 30 Mrt 2003 12:08
I don't want to put things in your eye.

To Gldenraysoflight.
Todaytraces.here Gldenraysoflight, 28 Mrt 2003 19:26
Today you continue to unnerve me. I am looking over my shoulder and checking all the locks.

To Gldenraysoflight.
Don't!--synchronized.here Gldenraysoflight, 28 Mrt 2003 19:19

To Nothing.
No I like this one Sarah Mwah [ha ha haaa], 28 Mrt 2003 22:11
If i think and therefore i am- am i only just a thought?

To Gldenraysoflight.
Oh no.present.here Gldenraysoflight, 28 Mrt 2003 19:17
Oh dear.
Oh my.
Oh, oh.
Oh no.
Oh, no.

To Gldenraysoflight.
The writingswallpaper.here Gldenraysoflight, 28 Mrt 2003 19:14
are the best kind to find.

To Gldenraysoflight.
I wonderbox.here Gldenraysoflight, 24 Mrt 2003 05:50
whether I would spend too much time recording other people with it

To James.
Yes James, 29 Mrt 2003 00:44
of course but that is what it is for,
but then thats half the fun!!

To Gldenraysoflight.
fanbed.here Gldenraysoflight, 11 Mrt 2003 06:03

To Wishful.
I wish Wishful, 13 Mei 2003 13:23
I wish I could stay sleeping forever...

To Gldenraysoflight.
glorywait.here Gldenraysoflight, 11 Mrt 2003 06:01
fewer frail souls, please

To Nothing.
stegobium paniceum-broodkever name, 20 Mei 2003 05:52
eats all my glory

To Ulilin.
Brotkaefer Ulilin, 20 Mei 2003 05:53
here it is

To Gldenraysoflight.
winapologies.here Gldenraysoflight, 11 Mrt 2003 05:57
so much guilt. it only works if you accept their standards.

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