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naam: Eureka
latijns:calopterix virgo m - gewone beekjuffer
features: Bipolar

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To Eureka.
The sea and little fisheskitchen.here Eureka, 19 Apr 2005 17:49
There's always a bigger fish,

even if the big fish doesn't realise.

To Nothing.
hi Divine, 19 Apr 2005 18:03
hiya, guiten tag. ich verstande nicht! is that right? i need einen pause. ich habe overeaten. this is random. but isnt life random? ok.

To Nothing.
but... Divine, 19 Apr 2005 18:12
how doews your kitchen form an ecosystem if all the animal arent there in the first place? it tales a while for an ecosystem to grow,because it takes a while for all the things that make up the ecosystem to collect there in the first place.

To Eureka.
It's not literal Eureka, 19 Apr 2005 18:15
These are thoughts formed from waking dreams

It is an ecosystem in a kitchen, if you think of it though. Bigger animals eating smaller animals eating plants... isn't that all that's really required?

To Eureka.
Ah.peace.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 14:38
So this is why you're so depressed...

To Eureka.
Dream your life away, dreaming.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 14:36
My friends.

To Eureka.
And then Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 14:36
It won't hurt any more.

To Eureka.
I know...lost.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 14:34
When you are looking for something, you find something you lost, but hae already replaced... :^(

To Eureka.
I'm leaving all my body...donor.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 14:09
To medical science.

To Eureka.
Aww...moth.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 13:45
I had a friendly spider, once... *sniff* I know what it's like when an insect you love dies... People may say it'sstupid, but how would they feel if I came and killed their dog?

To Eureka.
I half wrote a book...book.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 11:47
Then forgot... Write the book for me... Write your book...

To Nothing.
my new book fullofit, 05 Sep 2005 10:26
I wrote on every second page. It's called ''Fill in the Gaps''

To Eureka.
Tag...tag.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 11:44
That's a sad story. do smarttags work? Tag... ah, tag, the most elaborate, most simple, most pick-'n'-mix thing ever... apart from possibly the rules of calling shotgun. There's so many ways... regular tag, double tag, where two people are ''it'' together, chain tag where each ''tagged'' person is put on the ''chain''... Stuck-in-the mud, a variation where all ''tagged'' have to wait until someone crawls under their legs/arms (depending on if it's co-ed or not... and sometimes that doesn't matter ;)... British Bulldog, a wider xvariation, but still a ''tag'' nonetheless, where you have to run from end to end of the playground and whoever's ''tagged'' has to take place in the middle... ''british bulldog'', where the aim is to get everyone in the middle... There are FAR more games, and so manny addable rules... Can't get your butcher, can't hang around (for stuck-in-the-mud), can't fake it (for breaking chain)... it can get so complex! I'll write a compendium!

To Eureka.
It was probably me...traces.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 11:18
sorryI'm , Jogchem. It's that I irresistable just have this habit... There I again go.

To Eureka.
I wanna be a mime...mime.here Eureka, 22 Nov 2004 11:16
'Cos NOTHING annoys like a mime.

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