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naam: Emmepem
latijns:argynnis paphia - keizersmantel - streeppaarlemoervlinder
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To Emmepem.
Enjoying calexico. Emmepem, 16 Jan 2006 21:32
Thanks Omena!


To Omena.
you're most welcome, emme Omena, 17 Jan 2006 00:26
ready to go to a concert in April or May?


To Emmepem.
mamitje? Emmepem, 30 Dec 2004 01:04

To Mamitje.
;> Mamitje, 30 Dec 2004 05:28

To Maamitje.
;> Maamitje, 30 Dec 2004 05:30

To Snoepje.
;> Snoepje, 30 Dec 2004 05:31

To Emmepem.
Hakuna Matata Emmepem, 21 Nov 2004 01:23
for all of you!


To Mork.
Can someone tell me... Mork, 21 Nov 2004 02:40
What was the central message of ''The Lion King''?

To Mork.
Is this it? Mork, 21 Nov 2004 02:47
The central theme of The Lion King, 'The Circle of Life' conveys the ideas that all individuals have a place in the world and that all living things are interdependent, relying on each other for survival. 'The Circle of Life' is conveyed visually at the beginning of the film with the presentation of the future lion king, and concludes with his ascendancy to the throne and birth of his son--again, the future lion king. With these images we see life coming full circle.

To Starr.
Yep that sounds like it to me! Starr, 21 Nov 2004 02:58
: )

To Dawn.
I still haven't seen it..... Dawn, 21 Nov 2004 09:09
adding to my Christmas list. The Lion King DVD. Do I need to watch it alone with a box of Kleenex/Tissues?

To Gisteren.
I fell asleep Gisteren, 24 Nov 2004 00:32
watching it...

To Emmepem.
Sorry 'spider', Emmepem, 09 Mei 2004 03:27
you just were gone and so did i...

To Emmepem.
claritystagnation.here Emmepem, 29 Jun 2003 01:20
i don't want to leave, but i can't stay

To Emmepem.
Voor Charlie, Emmepem, 02 Mei 2003 22:20


To Emmepem.
For Linnaeus, Emmepem, 05 Mrt 2003 01:58


To Solemnity.
~ beep-beep ~ Solemnity, 05 Mrt 2003 21:01
I looked @ your car too, Emmepem.
Adorable & functional Renault.

To Emmepem.
Thanks! Emmepem, 05 Mrt 2003 22:18
And i'm curious about the French adventurer-thing Charlie...

To Emmepem.
This is serious Emmepem, 14 Aug 2002 03:53
My Existing Situation
I Seek to express the need for identification in a sensitive and intimate atmosphere where esthetic or emotional delicacy can be protected and nurtured.

My Stress Sources
I Feel that life has far more to offer and that there are still important things to be achieved--that life must be experienced to the fullest.
As a result, i pursue my objectives with a fierce intensity that will not let go of things.
I become deeply involved and run the risk of being unable to view things with sufficient objectivity, or calmly enough; i am therefore in danger of becoming agitated and of exhausting my nervous energy. I can not leave things alone and feel i can only be at peace when i have finally reached my goal.

My Restrained Characteristics
Circumstances are forcing me to compromise, to restrain my demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things i want.
Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity but restless and inclined to be emotionally withdrawn, which prevents me from becoming deeply involved.

My Desired Objective
I seek success, stimulation, and a life full of experience. Want to develop freely and to shake off the shackles of self-doubt, to win, and to live intensely. Like contacts with others and am enthusiastic by nature. Receptive to anything new, modern, or intriguing; have many interests and i want to expand my fields of activity. Optimistic about the future.

My Actual Problem
The fear that i might be prevented from achieving the things i want leads me to play my part with an urgent and hectic intensity.


To Emmepem.
A reason to be a camel toe? Emmepem, 25 Mei 2002 00:43
No one has to know what's really going through your mind, Taurus. For all they know, you are following the rules. You might have to call it like you see it tomorrow, but for now, mum's the word. There's no use in upsetting the people who are either too preoccupied or too ignorant to notice what's actually going on here today. Although it's perhaps a bit risky, at least you can say that what you're involved in at the moment isn't boring!


To Emmepem.
Spring is in the air!ecards.here Emmepem, 25 Mrt 2002 23:54
Be nice, make me happy.

To Nothing.
hi soso, 05 Sep 2002 08:57

To Nothing.
mehdi az tehrant25 mehdi love shod, 12 Mei 2013 17:40
mehdi tehrani Ashegh shode 09351415856

To Nothing.
saeed saeed, 24 Mei 2013 22:32
saeed az teh 20 sale tel''09398280505

To Nothing.
saeed saeed, 28 Mei 2013 21:23
???? ???? ????? ???? ????? ?????? 09398280505

To Nothing.
salaaaaam man mohamad az tehran tanha mohamad tanha, 24 Jul 2013 20:18
mohamad tanhai tanha az tehran donbal ie dos baa marefat 09356128857

To Nothing.
amir kir koloooft amir poldar, 26 Mrt 2014 20:08
tavajo tavajo amir kir koloft ba kandom tailandi dar khedmat shoma 29sant kir va poldar 09372479994 jon man zang bezan pol midam

To Nothing.
salam alireza, 23 Mrt 2014 23:36
man alireza hastam az ostan markazi donbal ye doktar 17 sale hastam tel:09186920499

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