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To Killerbunnies.
Soul Searchsearch.here Killerbunnies, 02 Apr 2006 23:05
Well, if any of you noticed, the title of the page was ''Soul Searching.'' There isn't much more I can do to explain this thought to you, but merely say the phase, for just the sound the words is good enough to spark the true meaning.

Personally, I perfer Google, *Still Talking

To Nozemineenjas.
question: Nozemineenjas, 03 Apr 2006 02:15
are you still talking?

To Killerbunnies.
OH MY. Killerbunnies, 07 Apr 2006 00:31

To Nozemineenjas.
not so much listening Nozemineenjas, 07 Apr 2006 03:25
as wondering if you are still talking, like you promised.

To Killerbunnies.
Still... Killerbunnies, 10 Apr 2006 00:16
It's almost listening. Yep yep yep.

To Nozemineenjas.
precisely: almost Nozemineenjas, 13 Apr 2006 02:37
I make a point of that

To Nothing.
backstabberssearch.here mari-moe, 06 Feb 2006 16:19
do you ever have a friend or a true friend stabb you in the back well believe it or not they will one day so dont trust no 1~~

To Nothing.
yeah Monica Seles, 06 Feb 2006 16:58
i had one

To Nothing.
I've been stabbed I hated every second of it, 07 Feb 2006 01:33
in the back frequently now. It still hurts.

To Nothing.
wow nick s the hamster, 14 Jun 2007 02:37

To Elling.
when all your enemies are friends Elling, 07 Aug 2006 21:27
yeh it happens, they come crawling back in the end, then i blow thier brains out

To Nothing.
Yep... Biologist, 07 Jun 2008 00:18
...and then you move on. Darwinian principle applied to social dynamics, you see?

To Elkira.
Guided Meditationsearch.here Elkira, 23 Dec 2005 02:51
what kind of experiences have you had concerning meditation, intuition, or weird things happening after you think about them or dream about them? Anyone want to share their thoughts?


To Nothing.
Thanks?search.here crewcut, 06 Nov 2005 03:08
I think this website is MARVelous! At times, I wondered if perhaps I was the creator....somtimes....I don't remember what I've done. We are very happily enthralled here in my world. Thank you.

To Nothing.
Your lid Is a bit loose, isn't it?search.here chopps, 18 Sep 2005 00:04
Totally tonto.

To Cricricri.
where i am?search.here Cricricri, 06 Jun 2005 04:14
where I am? what kind of website is this?

To Forgotten.
nobody Forgotten, 13 Aug 2005 00:32
nobody can tell you that. You could figure it out.... or not. Even if you dont understand it you will keep coming back.....

To Chiara.
meltsearch.here Chiara, 21 Mei 2005 09:34
today is just not my day... or maybe is my day of being more emotional. words come to me like drops from an ice melting


To Chiara.
un happysearch.here Chiara, 29 Apr 2005 00:48
i can´t find happines by my self. i need others... thats bad, i can´t live by myself

To Nothing.
Love search.here Anne, 14 Feb 2005 21:49
i Love u, i love u i hopw u love me to

To Nothing.
let's all remember our futuressearch.here mark, 18 Jan 2005 01:49
we need some truth. it's a shame the truth of the matter is truth is always buried. if it was obvious, it wouldn't be the truth.
so let's all dig, and try and find the buried treasure of our existance.
it's a shame none of us have the map anymore...
maybe searching for the truth is the truth in and of itself.
or maybe we're all just blind insects, never capable of looking up past our petty intrests to see the world that lies beyond our perception.

To Violetstrang.
thanks Violetstrang, 19 Jan 2005 23:31
i needed that. how refreshing.

To Killerbunnies.
Too True Killerbunnies, 02 Apr 2006 23:07
It is nice to know there are bugs here devoted to accuatly reading and thinking about the pages, instead of saying the ''F'' word 60 hundred times. I enjoyed reading that; thanks for wonderful piece.

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