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To Nothing.
huh???;)search.here taraneh, 19 Dec 2003 10:50

To Nothing.
barbiesearch.here bahareh, 29 Nov 2003 12:48

To Nothing.
....search.here ana, 03 Aug 2003 01:15
sometimes i pee when i laugh

To Nothing.
hee hee hee!! . . .l e a k y v a l v e . . ., 03 Aug 2003 01:50

To Nothing.
why does it hurt ~~FZ~~, 03 Aug 2003 17:30
when I pee?

To Hornet.
You. are. Disgusting. Hornet, 08 Aug 2003 17:44
It's true.

To Nothing.
Idiots!search.here Certifiable, 29 Jun 2003 23:21
This site is pure genious. If you don't understand it, well, you must be smarter than the Creator(ium). Where is Mr. Mike, anyway, and is he really buried with John Belshi, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison? If so, I hope he was really dead at the time.

To Nothing.
me myself and isearch.here ami, 11 Jun 2003 07:32
if you do a google search on yourself, but you don't find yourself, do you exist?

To Mincks.
I believe the answer to that is... Mincks, 12 Jun 2003 00:09

To Rosi.
no.... Rosi, 13 Jun 2003 10:11
the answer is 'green'...

To Kurimasta.
Existence Kurimasta, 03 Feb 2004 22:57
Exist is to be present, present means you're noticed, am i noticed?
Try the car-stop test

To Nothing.
hi!!search.here kiki, 08 Jun 2003 12:00
me is I, since I know I'm there

To Nothing.
fix it nowsearch.here 1234567890-==-09876543211234567890-=1234, 27 Mei 2003 22:40
there is no jump button on the search for me myself and i. fix it dingbat.

To Nothing.
ralph ralph, 28 Mei 2003 07:48
ralph ralph ralph

To Hilgss.
artfagsearch.here Hilgss, 29 Mrt 2003 01:45
You're such an artfag, it makes my head hurt. But I like it. It's... titillating.

To Nothing.
teddy bearsearch.here name, 20 Mrt 2003 22:02
This was the best one of all of them! Poor little teddy

To Nothing.
Fuked up!!! :)search.here tWiZtEdAnGeL, 13 Mrt 2003 01:31
this is crazy........ i like the nose one.......gross though.

To Nothing.
Fucked up name, 19 Jun 2003 19:30
I am fucked up on some pot

5 4 3 2 1

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