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To Nonicname.
effusionphotograph.here Nonicname, 27 Jul 2002 00:21
effussion and polymath
i love this site wickedly witty

To Nonicname.
expierence Nonicname, 26 Aug 2002 15:23
me either but i have had wings before

To Nothing.
i like your presentationphotograph.here ruengwit_k@yahoo.com, 20 Jun 2002 14:38
i love to read

To Pui.
ha ha!photograph.here Pui, 17 Jun 2002 18:03
some day you'll be that guy.if you never get focus on everything

To Nothing.
wowphotograph.here Piacevole, 09 Jun 2002 21:17
Has become a kind of refuge for me, a place of random musings
I love it, though there's never anyone on the chat :(

To Nothing.
Brilliantphotograph.here deadtheologian@hotmail.com, 03 Mei 2002 16:03
Brilliant, incredible visual poetry! Unique in your combination of technology, animation, imagery, and wordsmithing. PURE GENIUS in a medium filled with dancing babies and urban legends.

To Nothing.
Brilliant my bug! Yevrah T. Tob, 06 Mei 2002 08:00
What you think you see is not what is there for the babies are beanies and the
legends are from the boonies.

To Nothing.
snif noname, 15 Jun 2002 11:12
i like it a lot

To Rosanna.
I want to get marriedphotograph.here Rosanna, 01 Mei 2002 17:47
I don´t know when

To Nothing.
pact.. webstar, 22 Mei 2002 19:34
me and my best friend have made a promise that if we'er still single by the time we'er 35 ..we would marry each other... is that desprate..or just afraid of being left alone

To Rosanna.
May be everybody is afraid to be alone Rosanna, 29 Aug 2002 18:48
I don’t want to be alone my whole life

To Rosanna.
I really want to... Rosanna, 07 Sep 2002 03:13
get married, he´s to far from me...I love him

To Chicken.
Get married Chicken, 05 Jan 2004 01:25
go run away to vegas!

To Nothing.
the wonders of digital photosphotograph.here seany boy, 18 Mrt 2002 22:26
I love this site...and um.. i often wonder the same thing

To Nothing.
Giving by your presencephotograph.here Hugh, 14 Mrt 2002 17:32
When you realise a stranger is taking a photograph which you will appear in, it's nice to do something interesting, friendly, or unusual - so that when they look closely at the image in future years they'll say Hey, look at that crazy guy! That's cool!
In this way you can spread bits of your existence throughout humanity, and contribute by your presence.
Your website is a sparkling gem of design and philosophy.

To Sequoia.
great idea! Sequoia, 25 Nov 2002 10:30
I usually don't want to be in strangers' photos, but that was a great idea, hugh!

To Selfindulgent.
i must sayphotograph.here Selfindulgent, 13 Mrt 2002 05:52
i have been all over this site...and i've neglected to comment on it's pure brilliance...i wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on you're work...encore!

To Marnie.
see you soon.photograph.here Marnie, 25 Dec 2001 07:49
sometimes when i look carefully at my own pictures i find that some of the 'background' bodies are people i've actually come to know since it was taken. you may be one of them. how nice...

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