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To Bugalug.
i.i.ieye.here Bugalug, 17 Apr 2002 09:06
i am what i am

To Selfindulgent.
additctingeye.here Selfindulgent, 12 Apr 2002 08:05
...even thought i cringed at watching this...i found myself trying to either find the more painful objects, or the most painful place to put them...i am not well

To Nothing.
click!eye.here Marienkaefer, 12 Feb 2002 16:28
it´s just a simple mouseclick...

that can send you a lovely greeting mail


let the world explode by atomic bombs...

To Nothing.
baby please don't cryeye.here tears apart, 09 Jan 2002 09:36
no woman no cry

To Nobody.
What does that mean? Nobody, 09 Jan 2002 11:22
1. You, woman, need not cry.
2. Without women there's no more need to cry.

To Jax.
what Jax, 14 Mei 2002 00:35
would you like it to mean?

To Nothing.
temptationeye.here tangogirl, 08 Jan 2002 20:52
ooooh, how nice it is to hurt, although i don't hurt anyone. thanks for allowing that. we all have it in us...

To Marnie.
positivity in a nutshell (or matchbox)eye.here Marnie, 25 Dec 2001 08:48
eye know people that are this painfully optimistic. who hurts more from it, the optimist or the watcher (eye)?

To Aliasalex.
?eye.here Aliasalex, 20 Dec 2001 22:28
dont like this one, the only thing to do is hurt someone. thats not good

To Nobody.
It didn't hurt much. Nobody, 20 Dec 2001 22:51
Really. I'm allright.

To Emmepem.
Hurt someone Emmepem, 21 Dec 2001 21:22
only virtual,
you will feel like an angel.

To Nothing.
noses jo jo, 13 Jan 2002 18:57
yes i will

To Kimberkid.
random acts of cruelty. Kimberkid, 07 Apr 2002 06:44
oweeee. this one made my heart (and my eye) hurt

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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