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To Seltaeb.
In the last ten years... Seltaeb, 26 Mrt 2018 02:45
I had my first kiss.

To Seltaeb.
A New Generation of Bugs Seltaeb, 25 Mrt 2018 01:05
In the time that passed, where have we been?

To Salote.
Aloha ~ Salote, 12 Apr 2018 17:04
I think many of us have been doing similar to you, married, divorced, baby, and such....
next chapter...

To Thoreyes.
For my next trick Thoreyes, 24 Mrt 2018 19:37
I am going to cure my madness with a pint of milk.

To Pissodescast.
autobiography Pissodescast, 23 Mrt 2018 17:18
I have debilitating depression

To Msmads.
Bathroom Graffiti Msmads, 23 Mrt 2018 15:01
writings of the bugs are this
I think we'll persist.

To Msmads.
Softtea.here Msmads, 23 Mrt 2018 14:51
Soothing flavor 'stead
of painfully bitter stuff
tea, never coffee

To Gingie.
alone? Gingie, 23 Mrt 2018 08:32
Have you ever ever felt alone when surrounded by friends and family?

To Bugthemalade.
who hates it Bugthemalade, 20 Mrt 2018 12:26
when you want something so bad but you couldnt achive it cause you're with yourself?

To Scabetha.
me Scabetha, 20 Mrt 2018 16:23
I hate it.

To Bugthemalade.
how Bugthemalade, 21 Mrt 2018 09:46
how can we beat ourselves?

To Scabetha.
A wise woman Scabetha, 22 Mrt 2018 02:31
remind yourself
that sometimes
you have to
split yourself in two, eat your way through your belly
to look yourself in the eyes
and talk some sense
into achieving
your goals

so ask, eat, beat
this is what
a wise woman
once told me

To Misterpink.
There once was a man who said, Pink Misterpink, 18 Mrt 2018 09:32
You'll be the King of the sink
But I said to him
The chances are slim
When God ain't a man on the brink!

To Ashe.
hello Ashe, 17 Mrt 2018 17:41
how are you

To Angeltears.
hey Angeltears, 27 Mei 2018 01:42
i'm pretty swell how are you?

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