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To Nothing.
ratrat.here ?, 03 Jan 2002 04:53
I hated it.

To Nothing.
stacey name, 20 Jan 2002 08:04

To Nothing.
Bells Alan, 03 Jan 2002 04:17
What rings true? Catepillars of faith chime in. Triumphant kings of doubt squeal. Peal forth as in an onion.

To Soph.
heart Soph, 02 Jan 2002 11:47
im hanging on the wire..on a love i'll never find..i have a stone where my heart should b

To Nothing.
hi mohammed, 25 Jan 2002 03:57
hi how r u man

To Nothing.
dreamingdreaming.here cl, 01 Jan 2002 21:23
really interesting how you've made any movment of the curser act as the parent/teacher to reactivate the write until-the-page-is-filled, I could doodle around with this for a long time just to see where your line goes, also because everyone seems to have doodles they like/do and it is fun to see your patterns emerge, plus the paper crumple up sound at the end is perfect - and then again.....

To Nothing.
twisted irwin from london, 06 Apr 2004 16:34
when i twist paper, i think only of you, in the dark moonshade of a world that has no trees, we are all pillars of respectability, our roots are firm, not shared as in other dimensions, and i think to myself, the sum of all our knowledge is half that what it is meant to be. Yes, we are lonely, but we are not alone. Reach out. do not be troubled, alas there is not need to be.

To Justyouwaitdorks.
darnroots.here Justyouwaitdorks, 01 Jan 2002 19:35
I know what this feels like

To Nothing.
asdsa asdsad, 03 Jul 2005 13:04

To Nothing.
PIGfarewell.here ¬õ, 01 Jan 2002 06:34

To Nothing.
Pig Darling Alan II, 03 Jan 2002 04:19
Come to me Snake Mary's gone to bed...

To Nothing.
Sneak?traces.here Jude, 01 Jan 2002 05:26
Is that it? If so, it does not bear comment!

To Nothing.
okay thennose.here name, 31 Dec 2001 22:53
someone has WAY too much time on their hands to create this site

To Fly.
poor little insect Fly, 31 Dec 2001 21:20
humans are the only creatures that kill insects just because they are there

To Elmo.
How true Elmo, 11 Jun 2002 00:42
So should we eat them if we kill them? That would be better wouldn't it, could put people off.

To Nothing.
Bordomapart.here Sandra, 31 Dec 2001 18:13
This gets boring in the long run

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