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To Nothing.
Nice sitesuperman.here Alan, 24 Dec 2001 02:21
Very interesting site

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Pleasuresocks.here Avishag Argov, 23 Dec 2001 18:10
How to find pleasure in simple things. brilliant.

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gutozoenergy.here name, 23 Dec 2001 06:52
eu sou o maximo

To Nothing.
funny purpleamigo@cs.com, 23 Dec 2001 05:38
very funny ssomething to lift you up on a rain day

To Trevan.
||||notches.here Trevan, 22 Dec 2001 09:42
+ |-| LJ |/| |
thump thump

To Nobody.
A punching bag! Nobody, 22 Dec 2001 10:14
I knew it was a workout thing. Maybe he counted every hundred punches.

To Nothing.
butterdog nolport, 10 Jan 2002 05:53
my altir poklij

To Nothing.
fuckin weirdo ur fuckin enemy, 28 Feb 2003 22:11
u sick fuck should commit suicied u make no sense and ur website doesnt either

To Nothing.
little penis lethol spitter with a girlfriend whos on, 17 Sep 2003 03:06
i think you are a little penis and i hate it when you spit at me when i wank at night because i'm all alone because my girlfriend is off sleeping with my brother, cousin, father or sometimes even my sister

To Nothing.
big penis wanted casey has a big penis, 17 Sep 2003 03:11
i have a big penis, but my borfriend has a smsll penis and he never wants to do me, i always have to do him, anyone with a big penis give me a call on 86882727

To Nothing.
interesting Exqsme, 22 Mrt 2002 07:29
hey this is wierd

To Nothing.
titletwatt nametwatt, 06 Jan 2003 06:55

To Trevan.
holidaystwin.here Trevan, 22 Dec 2001 09:37
i hate christmas.. my family has a tendancy to lose their heads up their asses...
everything i wanted, my brother ended up with.. even back when he was 12... he got the electric razor...

i'm n0t bitter.

To Trevan.
godssuperman.here Trevan, 22 Dec 2001 09:35
We have no control over the world .. we can just change what we look at and how we train to ignore everything

To Emmepem.
tell me how Emmepem, 23 Dec 2001 01:26
to do, and ignore the thing on my head...please?

To Nothing.
pocket Royce, 14 Mei 2002 02:08
its better than public urination

To Trevan.
The bubbles make rainbowssoap.here Trevan, 22 Dec 2001 09:32
learn to ignore the pathetic lump of fat and see the shimmering irridescence of its products

To Nobody.
That's right! Nobody, 22 Dec 2001 10:10
Of course. Why wash yourself if you can make rainbows?

To Nothing.
hmmm desultorythought, 27 Dec 2001 20:42
responding to trevan's post of 22dec, (who knows which year?)
also, as an aside, I offer this: online life would be infinitely easier if people would but use AOL's posting format.

To Trevan.
yes... have the world revolve around AOL Trevan, 26 Jan 2002 10:42
isnt that like saying ''i like aol because i cant work a real internet connection?''

To Nothing.
aol soap bubble chockablock, 22 Apr 2002 20:04
aol is like the ugly mess of mixed bits of soap for people who can't wash properly. this site is shareware. a home from home. a new bar of imperial leather. i am glad i found it :o)

To Nothing.
Rainbows KK, 03 Feb 2002 17:01
Why should soap bubbles make rainbows? Why should they have any beauty when soap is one of the world's most mundane objects?

To Nothing.
ERIC Kurzatkowski name, 09 Mei 2002 17:40

To Nothing.
Rainbows are pretty! CrazyWhiteGurl, 12 Dec 2003 23:34
Dude... rainbows are pretty. Don't diss them... they can hear you. Shh... they'll rain on you. Good day sir!

To Vjayne.
nobodyhere Vjayne, 22 Dec 2001 06:06
I really like this site. Very stress reducing

To Nobody.
Thanks! Nobody, 22 Dec 2001 10:03
And welcome Vjayne.

To Nothing.
linkslinks.here jessica, 22 Dec 2001 00:42
i am interested in linking, this is one of the best sites i have ever seen, thanks!
j. lynch

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